** Midnight prayer tips that are short, fast, and powerful - like bullets **


"The Powerful Little Prayer
I Guarantee Nobody Has
Ever Told You"


"Hello Man of God,

What can I say? All I want to say is thank you Lord.

I don't know if you remember me. I wrote to you months ago, seeking  desperate help to keep my pregnancy.

I'm pleased to let you know that today I'm 37
WEEKS PREGNANT. Prayer works, it works.
Thank you for praying for me too.

That's not all. I followed the prayer points and instructions that you have given.

Releasing those I was holding grudge against without even knowing sometimes I had grudge against. I took one day to just release and repent.

I wept like a baby while doing that.

My first  day of warfare prayer, I had a dream. In the dream someone (a courier) came to deliver something to me.

I nearly missed the delivery. It was so strange.

After several signatures this well dressed man handed me 4 passports (we're 4 in our family).

Now I told you that I had applied for my stay in this country since 2012. Everything we submitted was refused. We had to apply again.

Within days of the first prayer and that dream, my lawyer emailed to let me know that I've received my approval and my passport which has been held since 2012 has been released."

S. Estelle

PS: I will let you know once baby arrives by God's grace. I am praying for an easy delivery.

What kind of prayer
has she been praying?

  • My life jump out of every satanic cage in the name of Jesus.

  • Any miracle that has eluded me as a result of dream attacks,
    be restored 7 fold in the name of Jesus.

  • I plug myself into the electrical power grid of the Holy Ghost.

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Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever... Heb. 13:8

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