"Too Many People Are Trying To Convince You That "Sowing Seeds" Alone Will Bring You Miracles ...

But Here Is The Other SECRET They 
Don't Want You To Know!"


Eye-opening SAMPLE testimonies --
for the month of June ALONE

Hidden in the Scriptures, scattered among thousands of Bible verses, are the clues to an incredible secret.

For those who know the secret, the result is an endless stream of miracles, testimonies and breakthroughs.

Each week, a small group of Christians -- the DO-ERS -- who have uncovered the mysteries (more about this later) ... and put the knowledge to use, have been bombarded with both expected and unexpected miracles --

In the areas of their finances, health and relationships.

June has been an especially powerful month. Here's a SMALL sample of the kind of testimonies that came in the first 12 days alone!

But first this ...

Testimony of the Month
- May '06

I want to share with you my good news that happened to me on Thursday 18th May. You know that I did that foundational prayer you sent... for 21 days with fasting and I stopped on the 9th of may. It has only been a week that I've got my miracle.

Do you remember me telling you about the vision of
people giving me money and then this particular lady gave $1,000.00 but the big black bird came to snatch it away from my hand! But I went ahead and command the "Angelic Executioner of God to execute the bird and also command the fire of God to burn it to ashes".

Well just after finishing that prayer on the 9th...the next day I received $1,572.00 in check.  And on Thursday...
after work I went to the bank to withdraw some of my wages to buy our weekly groceries...guess how much was in my bank account!!! $8,000.00. At first I thought someone has put that money in the wrong account but we found out later it is definitely mine. I won't say where it came from but it is the work of our Almighty God. When I went home I received a letter from someone else saying that they have put $749.00 directly to my account. Our father is so faithful to his word.

Elisha...since I've been using your prayer points I have been having miracles one after the other. Gone are the days of frustration and crying. Through your prayer points my relationship with the Lord Jesus has intensified so rapidly that I feel I am so close to him than before. The Holy Spirit has continually opened my eyes in the spirit and has been showing me greater things  I've never seen before. I love him so much...

-- Sisilia H, Australia

Let's pause briefly and see what happened here:

As I teach in ALL my ebooks, the Lord may bless you, but if you are ignorant or careless, the devil can snatch it from you.

That's why many of our prayer points sound so warlike ... not the type they taught you in Sunday School. Not even the type they pray in most modern churches.

For instance, see the prayer point she prayed?

I CONFESS to teaching her that prayer point!

 It is reserved for "spiritual top guns" -- those who are not afraid to go forth and possess what God has for them.

In case you are wondering whether that kind of prayer is Scriptural at all, let me give you a small clue here...

One of those angelic executioners was dispatched into the land of Egypt over 4000 years ago -- at the midnight hour!

To teach Pharaoh a lesson.

Another one was sent to dispose of 185,000 Assyrian troops as a result of the prayers of King Hezekiah.

So my prayer points are for spiritual soldiers. Who are prepared to go after their divine benefits with aggression, passion, and with abandon.

They are prepared to capture whatever belongs to them violently and drag it home -- just like the old prophets of the Bible.

May I drop a gentle note of warning here...

Securing your divine benefits isn't for the weak, sensitive, passive, or faint of heart, like they teach in most places today.

You need to be an aggressive, rugged prayer warrior with big dreams and a willingness to pray the kind of hard-edged prayer points I FREELY dispense from week to week.


Because it's getting to a point now that those who refuse to learn this manner of praying -- may just as well kiss the idea of ever enjoying marital bliss goodbye ... assuming they are able to find their godly spouse in the first place!

What this sister prayed is a fighting prayer ... a prayer of ACTION, aggression, attack, capture, courage and daring...

And look what results she got!

Now, please pay close attention here:

Her own son, just got married, and is a youth pastor in his own right, recently sent me an interesting email talking about the spiritual temperature of his mom.

Here's a bit of what he had to say:

Hello there Mr. Goodman,

 I have heard a lot about you through my mother's (Sisilia Howard) testimonies and of the amazing prayer points that you've given her. It has transformed my mother into a great woman of faith and she has never been happier since restoring her prayer life in God....

Then not long ago mum sent me this little thing about your website and your prayer points. (You know the funny thing was, when mum got involved, she kept saying you've got to check this out and read all your info and I was kind of nah I'm happy with where I am.)  But I noticed that mum's spiritual life has grown incredibly and miracles after miracles is happening all because she is going deeper into God with powerful prayer points.

Also on your website you have the keys to unlocking basically everything
with prayer points. So how do I get more involved like mum as I'm interested
and wanting to learn how to go deeper in God with your prayer points...

-- Leigh H, Australia

Some people might think this was an isolated incident. But what would you say if I told you that in the last few weeks I've received  349 PROVEN testimonies just like this one?

Here's a small SAMPLE of the ones that came in the first 12 days of this month ALONE!

The God I serve is the ONE who ANSWERS prayers ... and here's PROOF!


Dear Elisha,
I would like to thank you so much for the prayer points. I sent a request to you for my husband who was riddled with debt and was not working.

I prayed the prayer points faithfully for 7 days waking up & 12 midnight & in a weeks time sold our house at a whooping profit & have managed to pay ALL the debts.

We are now praying for God to give us another house with an outside building to be used as a prayer house where we can meet & I share what I have freely received from you.

May the Almighty God continue to do to you what He can only do in terms of more revelation, abundant finances, divine health & may His blessings overtake you.

Sibusiso D, Sandton

I just wanted to tell you that ever since I was introduced to your website by my friends, Queen and Tlale, my life has changed for the better. 

I have been employed at my  current job for the past 9 years, with only one promotion in all those years. I applied and went for interviews year after year, I would pass the tests and be short listed for oral interviews, do well at those interviews but still not get the positions. I started to doubt myself and my potential. I started applying for jobs outside the company but will only get letters of regret or no response at all. I started believing that I was unemployable. 

I was introduced to your website on 28/02/2006( have diarized same as you said we should) . I started praying in the midnight hour and used the prayer points to pray for a dream job and to get out of debt.

I must say that I always prayed the way we were taught at Sunday School, and wondered why my prayers seemed unheard. 

I was called for an interview last month  I’m happy to say that I got that job  and they advised me that the salary is actually a notch higher than the one that I applied for, now if that is not miracles I do not know what is, I thought I was dreaming. I will be starting next month. 

 I’m very thankful to you Elisha, you are a God sent. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK OF HELPING PEOPLE REALISE THEIR DREAMS

-- Mathoto, S/Africa


Dear Elisha
Many of the people I come across tell me that they never believed I would drive a Brand new BMW, I used to tell people when I started my 40 Prayer points that I am going to drive the latest BMW and as per my first testimony to you and praise God,  I received by Car after only 90 days of praying my prayer points. 

 Yes I believe you when people think you manufactured me.  When I tell people about you and how you taught me how to pray for blessing they think I’m  some kind of psychic.  Because each time I ask for something in Jesus name I receive it.  I tell people about you and how your prayer points blessed me, but they look at me very very strangely.  I think some of them think I’ve turned to witch-craft…and yes I tell them my witchdoctor is Jesus our Lord and I also tell them that Jesus has sent me an angel to teach me how to pray the right way, and that Angel is you Elisha

-- Milly B, S/Africa

Dear Elisha,
We have been praying the 14 gatekeeper prayer bullets you sent us and all of a sudden good things have started happening in our lives. As i mentioned to you earlier God has delivered me from so many demons that I did not even know were in me. I just simply continued praying. All of a sudden my husband and I have been offered a beautiful home. A home beyond our wildest imagination. I know it is God's doing and I am so grateful to you for the way you teach us to pray. Thank you again.
May God continue to bless you daily.

  -- Doris, France


Thanks very much for the readings you are sending me.
Your material has helped me a lot and I am now a changed person, I see miracles everyday in the name of Jesus. 

-- Edna, Kampala


Hello Elisha!!
I am excited!! Yesterday when I went to my children's school to get enrollment information for the 2006/2007 school year, I was a bit hesitant because I still had a rather large balance to pay for this past school year for the 2005/2006 semesters. For the long and short of it when I asked for the balance of what I yet owed, the administrator checked on the balance in the computer and came back and said " You are paid up!". He continued to say, "I don't know where you thought that you had a balance".

Elisha I know that I still had a balance of over $1,500.00 to the school. I know to some that that maybe a drop in the bucket to pay, but for me with my low paying income job it may as well be as if I owed a million dollars. .

--Darryl S, Ohio

Hi Elisha,
I would like to share with you about my Miracle Dream House.

I was widowed four years ago and and two years later, I was transferred to Zambia's capital city of Lusaka by my employers. Accommodation in Lusaka is very expensive but my God who supplies all my needs made it possible for me to pay those high rentals as well as send my children to school. My husband worked for the Government and it is agony to get the benefits from these departments. I started following up his benefits four years ago. It was not an easy thing because each time I went to visit those offices, it was either the file was lost or if the file was there, then some papers were missing. This went on for such a period that I almost gave up the chase. I used to  pray to my God believing that there was nothing that He could not do for me. I participated in the Prayer Riot with my family and we waited upon the Lord to win the battle for us.

I was given a date when the money would be paid into the administrator's account. Our total benefits were $16,471 and when I thought about this amount, I wondered what type of a house I would be able to purchase with that. I went places asking for a house to buy but all I came across were very expensive - up to $35,300.I kept on praying for a three bedroom good looking house. One of my workmates who had seen me reading a page form one of the local newspapers on estates for sale gave me a phone number to another person who lived in an area I hadn't been to. I called him to find out if there was a house for sale in his area. He told me that there was one and asked me if I could go there to see it. When we turned to head the way that house was, I saw a new house with a very good design and I thought to myself, I hope it is that one and for sure it was.

Now my next worry was the price! The owner had pegged it at $25,000 but came down to $14,400. I could not believe this but believe it or not God has given us a brandy new house of our dreams!

May God bless you for praying for us.

-- Jully, Zambia


I have moved to my dream previous job as per my testimony I sent you.  It is going well so far there is a lot of work ahead for me,  but I am up to the challenge because this is the job that God gave me and I am going to work very hard.

- Milly, S/Africa


I have just fished to build a house and the bank
has given me a car loan, right now I'm driving a brand new corsalite car. I would like to thank the Lord for what he keeps doing in my life and my Family

  -- Thandi, Swaziland


Shalom Elisha,
Since I ‘ve started subscribing to your site ,and praying the prayer points you’ve been sending me ,there has been a dramatic change that I’ve noticed in my household, e.g. the marriage has improved,  there is always more than enough (in short “no lack”) and generally increased wholeness in my family in every area. Thanks for bringing revelation into my prayer life.

 -- Lance le Roux, S/Africa


Dear Elisha:
I am still wondering when you will send me the interpretation to the dreams I sent you?
 During my prayer sessions I have received a divine healing in my body and total health is restored! Thanks!  

-- Carole B

Morning Elisha,
I also have a testimony for you and fellow brethren. I started praying the prayer points a week ago and guess what? I have received an award worth $1,000 from the university of Texas where I am preparing to go for my
studies in August. It works people!!! I'm believing God for more breakthroughs.

-- Prudence

Dear Elisha,
I feel so blessed that God led me to your website, I know i had been crying so hard two days before because nothing seemed to be working, but then God caused me to get to your website.

I did my own prayer marathon which ended last week, at first i was discouraged because i couldn't tell if i was making any progress. But right now i feel a change in my life these prayers are so powerful and to the point they address all the things i have always wanted to bring before God, but i never knew how. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing, you are a true man of God and i feel so blessed that God led me to you.

-- Angela.

I want to tell you how God has blessed me and my friend Anza, we are standing together and pray every midnight, and I purchased all you e books. I thank the Lord for the day that your address pop up on my screen on the 1rst of December 2005.

we Prayed the marathon,  and Crossover 2006, and in January decided since we are both in debt and jobless to pray the 101 prayers to become debt free, which we did. February Dream CODE, and then the Prayer Riot and what followed ... 

God provided in all that I need, and am so blessed that I am supporting 2 of my friends,  and on the 12 May, debt free and I want to tell you the prayers work, although we in the flesh want all things to be handed to us immediately.

I was also offered a position in a new company in April, although a new company and we have not received payment yet, I will be earning 3x my
previous salary backdated to the first of March.
Elisha we are so blessed and for the first time in my life I can sing and really feel that in my heart ...I am free.
-- Alet

Praise God for this web site. God bless me with a second car so now my daughter can take one back with her when she goes back to college. This happened after I did the Esther 3 days and nights fast . God is good.

Second praise report my daughter did not get a room on campus this time she has  to get an apartment, the one she was looking at was across from the campus, I had to get a co-signer because I only had one income which was mine. They said that is why I needed a co-singer so the person I got to sign it did not go through because he did not have any credit. the other person did not have enough income. So waiting on the next step and praying and Fasting my daughter goes back about a week later. and the lady said "I am just going to approve your application, praise God.

-  Mae, North Carolina



Dear Elisha,
I want to tell you how Great Amazing our God is. Our house has been on the market for over a year, we have been trying to sell it so that we can move nearer to school for the kids. We had many people come see the house and a couple of offers that were too low to accept. I started praying using the 17 miracle points and also the 40 prayer points... and prayed passionately, however, for other things, debts and scholarship for my child etc....and had actually given up on the house selling for the price we wanted.

But God sent these buyer, who gave us an offer that was so good, that we did not even had to negotiate, but we did not even realise that our estate agent had negotiated on that offer, (that we were very happy to accept) even extra for us. So when the offer actually came, it was $25,000 above what we wanted. Praise the Lord!!!!! We are now believing him to lead us to our new house in the neighborhood we want to live in.

T-- Aileen, Australia

Elisha ,
Two months back I was in need of a place to settle with my Family. as you could remember my email I sent to you regarding my home area. I wanted  now to move away from my people.

Good news, two weeks back i managed to got a place at the cheapest price that left me speechless. the place is near to the lake, road, school, hospital, and only 1/4 km to the market. The person who sold this place to me was approached by another person who wanted to buy that place at 200,000 kenya shillings but he refused only to sell to me at 90,000 kenya shillings. Wow.. God is good. this is a joy I must share with you, your prayers really works.
-- Ibrahim W, Kenya

Hello Elisha, 

I just wanted to write and thank you, for all your power prayers and to inform that life is changing for me. My life was taking a lot of turns that were confusing and unfulfilling but through the Prayer Riot and just the prayers life is looking and feeling GREAT.......

from my first request to you I had No Job, No Car, No Home virtually starting over and now I report that I have a wonderful job with great pay and wonderful people. My sons lives are more fulfilling -- my 23 year old just bought a new house and new car.  My youngest son at 22 yrs just received his real estate license and new job.  Things are looking wonderful for all of us.  I Thank my LORD everyday.  And I Thank you for your wonderful teaching skills. 

  -- Andrea


I have also got an admission for a master digree at the Brandeis University in the US.  I am still seeking for the scholarship.  This was one of my prayers to get an admission for this master degree and God answered it.  Almost all the prayers, I prayed for during the Marathon and Prayer Riot are answered.  Praise God for His faithfulness.  Thank you also for standing with us and coaching us how to pray.   

-- William O




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