Summer Special ... 759 Prayer bullets COMING SOON:


    Enough is ENOUGH ... of  the SINGLE life ... of heartaches, loneliness, frustration, rejection, disappointments, secret tears, broken dreams, unfulfilled promises, humiliation .... AND deceptive, cheating, smooth-talking counterfeits!


Have you noticed  how many wonderful Christian Singles have continued to remain single, year after year ... living lonely lives of quiet desperation ... in spite of …


  • Being EVER so beautiful and desirable ...

  • Doing their best to live godly and decently ...

  • Even “sowing” tons of seeds into ministries 
    promising heaven on earth – without ever delivering

 If this has a familiar ring to it … just hold on to the edge of your seat … so I can get this out before I EXPLODE ! 


Because there is ONE small, simple secret that I want to share with you -- that if you will learn and apply it diligently, your godly spouse WILL be released before this year winds down. 

How so? 

In the next few weeks  I’ll be kicking off a F.R.E.E (please note that word) summer Prayerthon for those fine, wonderful Christian Singles who are just simply fed up with being single and lonely … and want to make a change...

Through targeted praying that 
actually WORKS in the Real World!


During this intense 7-week “take-no-prisoners” prayer fest, I am going to take you behind the scenes and reveal the 759 prayer points that enabled ...

4 of my own biological sisters to find their
godly spouse
 – all within 18 months!  


During these “combustible” sessions, you will learn ASTONISHING secrets such as:   

  • The ONE crucial consideration in praying for your godly spouse

  • The 6 most powerful prayers for Christian Singles

  • The 17 foundational “building block” prayers to ensure a lasting relationship

  • The quickest, easiest way to recognize when your godly spouse has been released (even if you have been looking at him/her without realizing it) … and the 2 essential steps to take immediately

The ONE prayer that will always get answered … 
and HOW to pray it (Hint: Not one in
a thousand ministries ever teach this)

  • The 38 essential elements most Singles ignore when praying for their godly spouse… and how this is pushing back their wedding day!

  • A prayer warrior’s SIMPLE secret for extracting spiritual information from their dreams … that will help you attract your God-ordained spouse like iron filings to a huge magnet

  • The 3 types of prayer points to avoid … if you are serious and you don’t want to get stuck with the wrong partner

  • 49 hot-button prayers to slay the giant of loneliness ... 

  • 21 prayer points to know God’s will for you in marriage
    (Hint: Many are in trouble today because they got manipulated into marrying their enemies!)

  • 22 prayer points to break anti-marriage covenants and curses (Hint: If there is a pattern of late-marriages, separation and divorce in your family, this is one area you cannot afford to dismiss with a wave of the hand)

  • 14 prayer points for engaged partners planning marriage

19 prayer points to release your godly spouse to 
find you … and to position YOURSELF to be
found RATHER easily and quickly!

Enough Of Chasing After Shadows!

  • 21 PROVEN prayers to cancel hidden anti-marriage patterns (Hint: If no one stays married in your family for long, this one is for you)

  • 51 aggressive prayers to detect and reject the trap of Ishmael (spiritual counterfeits that the devil has released to confuse people) …. So you can RAPIDLY get to the point of spotting your divine original unerringly

  • 97 acidic prayers to revoke evil marital decrees … If anyone ever said that you’ll NEVER be happily married (whether playfully or not) here’s where you have to zero in like a heat-seeking missile ...

  • And much, MUCH more…

Now do you know any Christian who is over 35, 
still single and
not finding it funny?



  • Who has been dating for a while … and now the partner seems to be suddenly losing interest in the relationship?

  • Whose partner always seem to be more interested in someone else after a while … and this pattern keeps REPEATING every single time?

  • Where hatred has replaced love and affection … and fault-finding is the order of the day?

  • Whose relationships (no matter how promising at first) seem to just fizzle out just after a date or two?  


I am going to ask you to do me a little 

Stop Reading Right Now !


... And close your eyes right where you are and begin to thank the LORD

 … Because HE has just sent help to you.   

There are 19 stronghold-shattering prayer points at the end of this message that will help you release your partner from any invisible spiritual cage – if you pray them correctly.   

Just a SMALL taste of the 759 totally exclusive prayer points we are going to be praying all summer long... if you are SELECTED to participate (More on this in a future bulletin).


Now before I give you a chance to jump on these prayer bullets (Note: I always encourage people to jump on ALL my prayer points like an attack dog grabbing a slab of meat -- with unbridled passion, violence and aggression) 

... let’s quickly share a sample of the praise reports that have INVADED my inbox in the past week or so. 

Remember, this is just a small sample … there are more where these came from. ...


"I want to thank you so much for the ministry that you are currently fulfilling through the Lord's goodness & blessing upon you.

Since I found your information and exhortation on prayer on the internet several weeks ago, I wanted to let you know that my wife recently received a promotion that has increased her yearly income by 30%. More importantly, this is a leadership position that will help many American Indians receive the support, service, and ministry that they need in their lives.

 In addition,  I have seen more miraculous outcomes in my counseling practice since praying the prayer points on a regularand consistent basis.   These prayers have helped many others in the process and it's just such a gift to be part of how the Lord works in truly blessing those in need.  

And finally,  we were in need of a vehicle and financial assistance  in paying for work travel costs especially with the increase in gas prices. My wife now got a state vehicle to drive and a business allowance for fuel to pay for gas and travels related to her work. 

 Again, another timely and miraculous answer to prayer.

-- Tony K, MA

"I just wanted to tell you that ever since I was introduced to your website by my friends, Queen and Tlale, my life has changed for the better. 

I have been employed at my  current job for the past 9 years, with only one promotion in all those years. I applied and went for interviews year after year, I would pass the tests and be short listed for oral interviews, do well at those interviews but still not get the positions. I started to doubt myself and my potential. I started applying for jobs outside the company but will only get letters of regret or no response at all. I started believing that I was unemployable. 

I was introduced to your website on 28/02/2006( have diarized same as you said we should) . I started praying in the midnight hour and used the prayer points to pray for a dream job and to get out of debt.

I must say that I always prayed the way we were taught at Sunday School, and wondered why my prayers seemed unheard. 

I was called for an interview last month  I’m happy to say that I got that job  and they advised me that the salary is actually a notch higher than the one that I applied for, now if that is not miracles I do not know what is, I thought I was dreaming. I will be starting next month.  

 I’m very thankful to you Elisha, you are a God sent. 


- Mathoto M, SA


I must share my good news with you on the 9th of June before my birthday. 

I want to draw your attention that  when introduced to your website, i mentioned to you that my friend residing in USA kept on promising that he will send cash  for me to either look for another house to rent or to continue my project and moved from over to my own place, because i started seeing mysterious things happening in the house i now occupy with the children. 

My friend called me on the 9th and told me that he will be sending a Manager with the sum of US$500.00 to be handed over to me and promise to send more. Elisha I dont know what to say.  Through your prayer points my relationship with the Lord Jesus has intensified so rapidly and i feel so close to him then before.   

Since i've been using your prayer points, i have started receiving miracles step by step.  Sure  there are more to come by only if i continue to pray fervently and believe that God is there. 

I have collected the cash and sent US$100.00 to the Old peoples' home to feed the poor and needy.  I cant believe this gesture. 

Elisha, you are God sent. Thanks for teaching me how to pray.  It works. 

-- Rebecca W, Lith



 I joined your website sometime in March, and have followed and prayed all the prayer points you sent, and I continue to pray them. I have now started to experience serious breakthroughs in my marriage as well as my business.

At the time I started reading your messages I was going through marriage problems and my business was at it's all time lowest point, I was so depressed. Clients were phoning me for quotations and just when I was about
to get the order something inexplicable would happen, and suddenly the order would fizzle to nothing.

But since beginning of this month things have
started happening for me. The honey is now back in my marriage. Although my husband is not born again or a practising Christian, God is somehow working miracles in my life.

My business has suddenly just picked up, I now have
more jobs that I am currently working on than I ever imagined, and not just jobs but BIG ORDERS. I am so happy, and so grateful to God for making me discover your website just at the right time.

Thank you Elisha for all spiritual knowledge you are imparting to us. You are such a wonderful person, may God bless you abundantly!!!

-- Grace, Harare


I  thank the Lord for you and the powerful prayer points. They are effective. God's power is great and amazing. About two months ago a former workmate of mine invited me to join her and another lady for prayers on Thursdays at the other lady's house. It only turned out yesterday that we discovered that the three of us have a common enemy, HIV.

We thanked the Lord and praised Him. We believe God has a purpose and a motive for linking the three of us together so miraculously. We are convinced we are going to overcome this common enemy. 

One sister among us has already proved it, her results have shown that the viral load has gone down to almost undetectable through prayer alone. No medication, but faith in Jehovah Rapha alone ! Praise the Lord. 

-- Name Withheld


What can i say unto the LORD, all I can say is thank you LORD.

I studied the Dream CODE ebook and prayed the 111 prayers at midnight with fasting. I am yielding results. I no longer dream about eating food or drinking, no longer have sex with strange men or my husband or dead relatives. these were my major battles in my dreams. I believe i have been set free. Thank you so much and may the good LORD bless you.

I do greatly thank God Almighty for introducing you to me.  I am learning a lot and my life is never the same again. I have always led a life of failure, the reason being I have always used shortcuts in my life. I  have been a Christian but one without patience and much faith when troubles come my way.

Now I am different and I feel so much close to God than ever before. I enjoy being in the presence of God. Because of the teachings that I have been receiving I have had a lot of breakthroughs. Praying and fasting is no longer a burden to me. I am trusting in God more than ever before. My marriage is better than before, my husband is got a job (after Esther's  fast). Now we are praying for our own house this year. To God be the glory.   

- Name withheld



I would like to thank you for your wonderful Dream CODE.  I have printed the book and I am now praying for my breakthrough. Since I joined you my life and my family have changed a lot, we are receiving blessings every day.

The first blessing was: To get a UK Full Driving Licence. In March I received £1,000 from Inland Revenue. 31 May 2006 God bless me with £2900 as a bonus from my Company that I work for. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

-- Humphrey M, UK



 My husband and I have been on arrears with our bond, we've been trying to pay more every month so that we could be able to clear the arrears and it has been really hard as he does not have a stable job.  I received the above message from you on the 1st June 2006, the following Monday 5/6/06, I quickly read through it promising myself to read it at night when I have time.

That afternoon just as I was about to go home, I received a call at work from the bank, letting me know that they can see we've been trying to clear the arrears, they have reached a decision to clear all the arrears on our bond/mortgage to enable us to continue pay the normal bond premiums. I was very much excited about this and I thank you for all the encouragement and the guidelines to pray for what we want.

Keep up the good work and may the good Lord bless you.

-- Vuyiswa, JHB



 I have got 3 of your ebooks, The Prayer Cookbook and the Dream Code, and yesterday I got the Prayer DNA Secrets.

Two months ago I went and started a prayer group in Zambia using the prayer points and the group is not the same today!!!! Praise God. Yes we use the prayer points in our church in Guildford in UK.  The Church I Pastor is in Guildford which is in Surrey in the UK, about 15 miles from my house.

I am explaining all this because since I started reading your books, my love for the Lord is on a higher gear. Thank you for your obedience.

Yes, just to tell you that we received a gift of £6000.00 for the period of the prayer Riot.  Yes the prayers work.

-- Pastor A, U.K.




All Praise, Glory and Honor belongs to the LORD for these wonderful testimonies ... even as we seal them with the blood of JESUS.



Now to the 19 prayer points to release your
God-ordained partner from evil spiritual cage ...


Begin with praise and worship ...



1  Holy Spirit, overshadow this relationship


2  Let the spirit of love and understanding prevail between us in the name of Jesus


3   O Lord, reveal to me every secret I need to know concerning this relationship in the name of Jesus


4   I command every spirit of division to depart from my relationship in the name of Jesus


5   You spirit of Egypt, release my  ... (mention the name) in the name of Jesus


6  Let all family cages holding my ... (mention the name) be destroyed by the fire of God in Jesus' name


7   Lord Jesus, wash away every anti-marriage stamp, label and links from with your blood


8   Let every ungodly family interference be cut off completely in the mighty name of Jesus


9   Let all anti-marriage yokes break in the name of Jesus


10  Let all the effects of evil spiritual wedding rings, clothes and shoes be completely removed in Jesus' name


11  Let any veil of hatred against me in the heart of ... (mention the name) be destroyed in the name of Jesus


12  Let any wicked spirit polluting the heart of my ... against me receive the stones of fire, in the name of Jesus


13  O Lord, put the love for me back in the heart of ...


14  Let the joy of the enemy over my relationship be converted to sorrow in the name of Jesus


15  You ... (mention the name), you will not follow the evil patterns of any parent or ancestors in Jesus' name


16  I bind all activities of spirits from the air, water, land and family idols, and I forbid them from interfering in my relationship from today in Jesus' name


17  Let all activities contrary to my successful marriage be paralyzed in the name of Jesus


18  Let all spirits of fear, depression, worry and despair release me now in the mighty name of Jesus


19  Thank you LORD for answering my prayers in Jesus' name







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            God bless you,

           elisha goodman




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