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Dear Friend,
Dreams have been here 
as long as mankind.
Back in the Roman Era, striking
and significant dreams were submitted
to the Senate for analysis and

In those days, dream interpreters
accompanied military leaders into

Dreams were extremely significant
and often seen as messages from the "gods".

People with particularly vivid and
significant dreams were believed to be
blessed and were considered special.



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People who were blessed with the gift
of dream interpretation were looked up to
and held in high esteem. 

We know the bible story of Joseph
and how his divine ability to interpret
dreams helped promote him from prison
to prime minister in Egypt.

The story of Daniel is also familiar
to many of us. His ability to interpret
dreams catapulted him from slave-boy
to first president in Babylon.

In the Bible, there are over 50 mentions
of dreams.

Because your dreams carry vitally
important information... in coded form!

Gaining an understanding of the hidden
secrets your dreams are trying to tell
you can give you a crucial head start in the
game of life.

Put another way, acquiring the ability
to interpret your dreams is  powerful. 

In analyzing your dreams, you can
learn about deep secrets you may not
be able to find out any other way.

God can give you that special ability
to interpret your dreams, just like HE
gave to Joseph and Daniel in the bible.


With this one gift, you can unravel many
common dream symbols and know when: 

* money is coming your way... and how
to position yourself to receive it

* an opportunity for wealth, success
  and happiness is staring you right
  in the face

* there's a warning you should not

* a change of course can bring you
  spectacular breakthroughs in

* God is trying to get your

  and much, much more!


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Many dreams are prophetic.

They carry signs of warning and advice.

In this series, I'm going to be looking at
dreams from a biblical perspective.

As we go along, you'll discover that every
detail, even the most minute element in your
dream is important and must be considered
when analyzing your dreams.

I'll show you to look closely at the characters,
animals, objects, places, emotions, and even color
and numbers that are depicted in your dreams.

Because they are all significant.

Beyond showing you the biblical meanings, I'll
also how to pray concerning your dreams...

In the next email coming in a few days..

We'll get things started with the sunny side of
things where you will learn about the kind of
dreams that signify ...

Greatness, prosperity, abundance, wealth, great relationship... and how to pray them into

You'll see real life examples of famous people
and the dreams that opened the door to success,
peace and prosperity.

The greatest discovery for you reading this may just
be what happened to Christopher Columbus.

He dreamed he heard someone speak to him with the message:

 "GOD will give you the keys of the ocean."

The dream inspired him to pursue his scheme for a
voyage westward ...


He went ahead to break the boundaries of traditional
navigation and discover the NEW WORLD.

Question for you:

Is it possible that GOD has already given you the
key to your own ocean of wealth, health and
happiness... in your dreams?

Join me in a few days as we go on an exciting
voyage of discovery...

Be richly blessed,   

elisha goodman



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