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·         Prevent your would-be spouse from being diverted into an evil warehouse in the spirit world. 



Two summers ago in preparation for the Prayer Marathon for Singles, I released a FREE Special Report entitled,  


“The 9 Mistakes Almost All Christian Singles Make

(Including The Top 3 Mistakes Even The Expert

Counselors Don’t Know They Are Making)” 


This report was downloaded by thousands before I took it down (it is still available in the Singles Community Site that I recently set up.) 

However, there was a chapter missing from that Report. And that is what you are now holding in your hands. If you read that Report, you will understand where this one fits and how you can apply simple principles in the Bible (with targeted prayer points) to make your wedding a reality within the next 1 year. 

The Prayer Marathon for Singles itself produced many wonderful testimonies, like this “double” one below: 




Thanks for the email. Indeed God answers prayers. I crossed the path of your life about same period in May last year 2006 and ever since my life has not remained the same. Thanks to the prayer points. I have a great testimony. By then I was  a single man but now a married man. I participated in the single’s marathon and Trust God he never gives a bounced cheque.

By his Grace he gave me a wonderful wife and made us a wedding one of its kind in may 2007.I have participated in almost all your events including the 90 Minutes at the Gates" 

A friend of mine too called Sister Peruth, and a student to your e coaching classes also got married. God gave her the husband of her dream.

You said you wanted us to send you pics so that you can put on your website to remind the saints that God still answers prayers. See the pics, Myself, we are the couple in orange and sister Peruth with  her newly wed husband are the other photograph. Hope this glorifies God.

- Patrick M, Kampala

PS: The wedding photographs are posted on the website.


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This Special Report is entitled, “How to Release your Godly Spouse from the Evil Warehouse.” It is a message every Christian who desires to get married to his or her RIGHT spouse, and stay married for a long period of time, should read.  

The Bible says we should not be ignorant of the devices of the devil, and that it is given to us to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God. 

This rare message will touch on 3 little-known secrets that will make your search for that God-ordained spouse, “bone of your bone” and “flesh of your flesh” … to take a dramatic turn for the best, if you apply them. 

There are the secrets of  

  1. Desert spirits
  2. Marriage wasters, and the
  3. Invisible warehouse.

Desert Spirits and Marriage Wasters are specialized satanic powers responsible for keeping a person in a prolonged state of singleness, loneliness and unfruitfulness. 

While desert spirits prevent a person from being productive or fruitful and keeps her single and in a state of perpetual rejection, no matter how beautiful she looks, the waster makes a person who has been in a relationship to destroy it, lose it… and return to a state of loneliness and rejection. 

As a mature Christian you should not be ignorant of the existence and operation of these spirits. 

It is your responsibility to take up your God-given spiritual weapons to confront and overcome them. 

The Bible says in Romans 8:32, “We are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us.” 

Desert Spirits 

A desert is a wasteland that does not produce something. If you plant there it will not yield. A dry and terrible place. 

Many Christians today are having a rough time in their relationships because they are, spiritually speaking, in a desert.

Here’s one surprising example: 

The churches many people attend are spiritual deserts and when they set their foot in such places, all their God-given virtues will be swallowed without their knowledge. 

When you plant your seed into a minister who runs a desert church with the hope of reaping, it will not yield any fruits.  

A church where the minister is already divorced many times over is a dangerous place for anyone believing God for a successful relationship.  

If you are a careful observer, you will notice that most marriages and relationships in such a place would be in trouble. 

And if you want to know just one of the reasons why many Christian couples who attend such churches end up losing their marriages, you need to realize that: 


Anointing Flows From The Head!


Meaning: If your spiritual leader is divorced or is known for making poor choices when it comes to relationships, that anointing will flow into the lives of members of the congregation. 

And you’ll end up with a church where 50 to 60% of the members are separated, divorced, or never been married at all. 

Now here’s a dreadful secret. 


If where you are “sowing seedsis operating

under a curse, that same curse may

be transferred into your life. 


In the Bible there are specific curses on certain people who are rebellious. If, for instance, you go to the ministry of a rebellious man or woman of God and sow into it, you can be sure that your finances (even your marriage) will start to go down after a while.  

So even though you are just trying to do the right thing, you may end up magnetizing some terrible things into your life! In the secular world, they call this the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The fact that you may be ignorant of the foundation of certain ministries that you sow into will not stop these invisible powers from drinking and draining the milk and honey of your life. 

At this point you will close your eyes and pray like this: 


“Any power drinking the milk of my life,
burst into flames in the name of Jesus.”

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Do not set your foot or send your money to places unless you know its spiritual foundation.  

Because even if you do not go there physically, the money you send will represent you.  

Only sow seeds where the Holy Spirit tells you to. 

And worship where the Spirit of the Lord directs you to go. 

Now, some desert spirits can already be inside a person, leading and enticing her to places where she should not be going, e.g. to psychics, fortune-tellers, astrologers, diviners, worldly churches, etc. 

Please listen very closely here… 

All these places I’ve mentioned are just fronts that the devil uses to operate his evil warehouse in the spirit (more about this in a moment). 


Marriage Wasters


This specialized group of spirits has only one assignment. And that is to destroy godly relationships and marriages. 

They have rendered the lives of many … including faith-talking Christians … useless, broken many marriages, hampered and destroyed many destinies, and reduced many lives to a garbage dump. 


These spirits are extremely
 wicked and destructive


And they should be addressed, confronted and dislodged violently from the lives of their victims. 

Child of God, it is time to be free. It is time to experience the Lord’s Jubilee… so that you can enjoy your divine inheritance. 

The wasters are responsible for wasted lives, wasted relationships, wasted marriages, etc.  


They turn promising relationships upside down
and introduce confusion, suspicion and mistrust


They are responsible for people suddenly losing interest in a relationship that looked set for the altar. 

They will stop at nothing in their satanic zeal to see that people remain single for life. And unfortunately, when this happens, most Christians resort to blaming God, out of ignorance of the operation of these invisible powers. 

When the wasters are at work, anything can happen. See this email I received recently from someone who has been hard hit by these terrible powers (she is NOT one of my students):   


Do you have any idea what happened to me 2 weeks ago?  Well, three months ago i asked God for a partner and he did give me the man i consider as my true dream, we were to get married this July but he died one week before our marriage and i really don't think that after all the prayers and trust God would allowed such thing happen to me. ! am very discouraged and i don't i will ever give God a second chance to ruin my life again.

-- Name Withheld


How sad. 

Here's another (I get hundreds like this one all the time)...


I write this letter now I am confused I don't know what I should do about my life & I have prayed but I don't see any answers, I have a big problem which I sometimes think that maybe God doesn't want me to be married 'cos I have been in different relationships and I don't find peace and happiness that I want. .At the moment am involved in one relationship & I believe  truly love this man & I want him to marry me 'cos he loves me too, so pliz send me the prayer points that I can use to save my self in this relationship &  tell me how to use them. Please explain to me how to use them.

-- Name Withheld

Now, contrast these 2 above with this one, from last summer's 
Prayer Marathon for Singles:


Dear Elisha
l have been receiving email from you for the past year. Thank you very much for the emails you have been sending me. Last year l joined the singles marathon and Hallelujah l got engaged this year and will be wedding next  year.

-- Name Withheld

elisha's note: The wedding has now taken place

See the difference?

Now, even when some people finally manage to get married, these powers simply go ahead to attack the pillars of the marriage. That’s why over 50%of marriages these days fall apart within a few years.

If this kind of anti-marriage spirit is operating in a person’s life, to keep a relationship will be really difficult. No matter how beautiful or deserving anyone might think, she will end up with a string of failed relationships (or marriages) if she does not learn the spiritual principles required to solve this problem once and for all. 

In addition, this wasting spirit “swallows” love, peace and joy.  

In fact the Bible says in Isaiah 54:16,  


“I have created the waster to destroy.”


It can destroy even celebrated relationships and marriages. That’s why Hollywood holds the record for the worst type of marriages and relationships under the sun. 

When the wasters get into the home, they destroy the foundation of that home… and sooner or later you begin to hear of abuse, drinking, and extra-marital affairs. 

Listen, I am not going to kid you here. I’ll leave that to our beloved TV entertainer-preachers. If someone is under the control of such spirits, she may go into many relationships, command the attention of desirable suitors but will never make it all the way to the altar.


This same spirit is behind all the multiple troubles
that many Christians are going through today.


Listen to this tale of woe. I am reproducing it from a Special Report to my subscribers a while back. It is typical of the horror stories confronting many Christian singles today:




Dear Elisha,

 I got a copy of the mail you sent my sister. I then had to go to your web site and could not wait to go through the material I read from your website before I e-mailed you. You were describing exactly what I am going through. 

 1)The "Prayer of Jabez" has not worked for me and I am frustrated with the outcome of my prayers up until now.

 2) Right now Iam feeling like the windows of heaven have slammed shut against me.

 3) I am living in emotional pain, poverty and broken relationships.

 4) I have been so alone and confused in this world… like God has abandoned me, or maybe just doesn’t care about me.

 5) I have this sinking feeling that I am just not living the standard of life I was destined to live.

 6) My life is at a stand still there is no progress or life in almost everything I do. If I try to do a project it fails, sit for exams, I fail, invest share in the stock market, shares go down.

 It happened twice that when I wanted to pay for my examination fees the exchange rate was tripled a day before paying, resulting in having to pay more than I was supposed to pay.  I bought some livestocks then I heard that some of them were stolen the others died.

 The same thing happened to my chicken. Sometimes I am even afraid of trying to venture on something new for fear of failure.

 7) I am 43 years old and have never been married. Every attempt I made to get married failed in spite of having prayed, fasted, having claimed the promises in the word of God and having gone for deliverance. I would realise that these men are wolves in sheep's clothes.

 8) I also believe that there is a mark of hatred and rejection upon my life. Most of the times I wonder why people treat me the way they do. In most cases I will not have done anything wrong.

 These are just some of the things that are happening to me. I need prayer support because I have reached the stage where my faith has failed me…





Heartbreaking, isn’t it?

Sadly, this is the story of many today.

Most Christians have yet to be taught that sometimes, somehow there are things that can “swallow” a person’s relationship (or marriage), including their success and prosperity in the spiritual realm.

And this brings us to a little-known subject – The Evil Warehouse.

What is an Evil Warehouse?  

It is simply a place for storing things in the spirit world.  


The enemies of all marriage and relationships
 operate two kinds of warehouses


Now, if you’ve been wondering where the God-given spouse … that you were so sure you received from the Lord by word of prophecy went … he or she may be in one of two places. 

Warehouse #1

This warehouse is for storing human beings. In the spirit, that is.  

It makes human beings unavailable for marriage. The word of prophecy may come, but such people are not available so they will not receive. This warehouse turns human beings into “living and walking corpses.” Zombies.


A lot of people you meet daily are
 technically “unavailable” in the spirit.


So even if they truly wanted to marry you, it isn’t going to happen. 

In Isaiah 42:7, we read: 

To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from prison, and them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.  

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Warehouse #2 

In Mark 3:27 we read: 

“No man can enter into a strongman’s house and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strongman and then he will spoil his house.” 

And in Luke 11 verses 21-22 it is written, 

“When a strong man armed keeps his palace, his goods are in peace.”


The second warehouse is where goods are kept,
and they are guarded and kept secure
by a powerful spirit called the strongman.


This warehouse is like a spiritual bank. Many good things such as wedding gowns, money, success, children, business, breakthroughs, prosperity and advancement (belonging to human beings whether they are Christians or not), are inside this kind of satanic banks right now. 

I am now going to show you how those things got there and how you can pray them out. 

Please pay close attention: 


How do these good things get there? 


There are 3 heavens. What the Bible calls the starry place is the first heaven … what you see when you look up into the sky. 

The second one is the headquarters of darkness. Incidentally, this is the same location that the psychics and new age cult groups misleadingly refer to as the “universe.” 

The Bible says we are wrestlers who wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places

The third heaven is the Paradise of God. 

We refer to all 3 places collectively as the heavens. This is where a lot of spiritual drama takes place. 

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What is Spiritual Drama 

In Daniel 10, Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days. God heard his prayer but opposing powers also heard Daniel praying, and they took adequate measures to see that Daniel’s answer did not come. 

Let’s pick up the story from verses 11-13: 

“And he said to me, Oh Daniel, the man greatly beloved, understand the words that I speak unto thee, and stand upright; for unto thee I am now sent. And when he had spoken these words unto me, I stood trembling. Then said he unto me, fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that thou did set thine heart to understand, and to chasten thyself before thy God, thy words were heard and I am come for thy words. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days; but lo Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me; and I remained there with the kings of Persia.” 


Daniel Received Answers To His Prayers
Because of The Powerful Intervention

Of Spiritual Personalities In The Heavens!


This passage of scripture should give you pause. It is a big eye opener.

We can see that Daniel prayed and fasted for three weeks. Right from day one God answered his prayers. But there was a satanic “immigration officer” in the second heavens, fighting to prevent Daniel from receiving answers to his prayers. 

This is why it amuses me when I hear someone teach that once you pray, you don't need to repeat the prayer because the answer must surely come.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Here we see that one of God’s chief angels had to come to Daniel's aid (as he persisted in prayer) before the answer could come down. 

Friends, this is why the Bible says we should pray without ceasing.  

People are being taught differently today.

Have you been misled by today's fashionable teaching that once you pray you shouldn’t have to repeat the prayers because God heard you the first time and the answers will surely come if you prayed with faith in your heart?

I tell such people they might have to wait till eternity to receive answers to such half-hearted prayers at all. 

I teach people prayer is hard work. Your prayer must be sharp enough to go up and cross the second heaven, the headquarters of evil.  

Your prayer must be violent enough to crash through the second heaven to bring down the answer. 

The powers in the second heaven can hinder prayers. In Daniel’s case, imagine the battle in the heavens for three full weeks.

And that brings up an important point: 


Heavenly battles normally precede

our physical victory here on earth 


Daniel’s continuous prayer bombardment served to bring reinforcement to the armies of heaven. 

If Daniel had given up halfway the answer probably would not have manifested physically for him to see. 


You might ask, “Why did God not send a
 powerful angel to immediately bring the
answers to Daniel?” 


Now look at this carefully. 

Your life will determines the kind of angels that will be sent to you when you pray. If you are not living in any known sin, and your prayer is persistent and violent, then you can expect powerful and aggressive angels to bring your answers without delay. 

The second thing that will determine what kind of angel comes to your aid has to do with the foothold of the enemy in your life. 

A great man of God has speculated that in Daniel’s case, perhaps the reason he had any problem at all may have been because his name was changed to “Belteshazzar,” the name of an idol, as soon as he landed in Babylon. He wondered if that idol could get up and argue because he was bearing their name! We may never know. 

But we have another shining example...another time, another place.

When the enemy wanted to come against another prominent man of God in the Bible (Elisha), they failed woefully.  


The holiness and aggressive nature of the prophet, who had a double portion of anointing, made it impossible for an entire army to arrest him. 

He had access to an invisible army.

The Bible says there were horses and chariots of fire surrounding him. 

So anytime he prayed his prophetic prayers, horses and chariots of fire would pick up answers from God's throne and ride furiously to  bring the answers to him swiftly!  

That’s why he could pray and obtain the kind of results he did.  


No power could stop him.  

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Friend, everything that comes to us from God has to cross the second heaven and everything going to God from here goes through there too. It is like a spiritual border or immigration post with demonic customs or immigration officers.


It is at this point that the strongman in charge of the gates of our families, towns and place of birth operate. 


Let me use “Spiritual Drama” to
illustrate how they operate



#1: Sister Joan Prays for Her Godly Spouse 

Sister Joan was praying for her godly spouse. She had a good job, was a one-time beauty queen, and most men would give an arm and a leg just to go out with her. She was a faithful tither in her local church. She also taught Sunday school classes twice a month. 

But at 31 years of age, she was having ZERO proposals for marriage. She prayed, “I want to get married. O Lord, I want to be married, in the name of Jesus.” 

The LORD said to an angel,  

“OK, take her spouse to her.” 

As the angel got to the second heaven, the “queen of heaven” showed up (many people have unknowingly strayed into the territory of this dangerous evil entity … you can read about her in the Bible). 

She came on the scene and showed the angel a list of 73 men that sister Joan had slept with in the last 15 years! She had even collected gifts from some of them at some point or the other. 69 of these men were her agents on assignment to steal the virtues of innocent girls and deposit them in the Evil Warehouse. 

(Note: By the way, this is the reason I’m always shocked to find Christians having sex outside marriage. It is the surest and fastest way to lose marital virtues.) 

While they were still looking at this long list, the strongman who keeps the gate of her family came up and pointed at the tree of marital destruction already planted in her family line. 


He said, “Angel, waste no time with this one.

Nobody ever gets married in her family.” 


And they snatched the husband and threw him into the warehouse. 


#2: Willie Prays for The Flesh of his Flesh

Willie was praying for a wife and he prayed, “Oh Lord, I want to marry a godly wife, the bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.”

As he prayed, an angel of God started to bring down the wife and as the angel got to the second heaven, he was confronted by the strongman or the ruler spirit attached to the gate of Willie’s family line and this dialogue happened: 

“Where are you going?” asked the strongman. 

“I am taking a wife to Willie,” the angel replied. 

The strongman said, “You cannot take this one there because Willie is already married in the spirit to one of our agents here. His grandmother formed a covenant with us. Here, see the terms of the covenant,” he concluded, pulling out a legal looking document and waving it back and forth. 

While this was going on, the strongman in charge of his place of birth came up and declared: 

“Ah! No way, his grandfather was our chief priest, and his great-grandfather was our high priest therefore a curse of marital destruction is upon him already.” 

And as this conversation continued, the spirits from the waters came up and said, “He has recently slept with three of our girls.” 

With all these accusations going back and forth, the angel could not proceed. 


So they grabbed Willie’s wife and

threw her into the warehouse!


See how spiritual drama happens?  

If you think I’m just making this up, let’s go to the Bible and see just one example of spiritual drama (of a different kind) that will surprise you. 

We pick up the story from 1 Kings 22:20-22: 

And he said, Hear thou therefore the word of the LORD: I saw the LORD sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. 

And the LORD said, Who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-Gilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner. 

And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the LORD, and said, I will persuade him. 

And the LORD said unto him, Wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so. 


This drama took place in the
 heavenly realm


Here’s a summary of the storyline: 

God Himself wanted to destroy the wicked king Ahab. Why? For leading the people of Israel into the worst form of idolatry up until that time. 

He therefore called a special conference in the spirit realm. And you could hear the shocking discussion going on here. 

It took an eagle-eyed prophet right here on earth to see all this.

Mind you there were other so-called prophets around who even attacked this man of God, calling him a liar and a fraud.  

But as events later proved he was deadly accurate.  

So many people may argue about the spiritual drama I have just described here. It doesn’t matter. It’s true all the same.  

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Moving on … 

Next we move on to an area that should interest most Christians who are still single at 31, 35 and even 40 and beyond. 

At other times, goods are deposited in the evil warehouse by enemies in your family and evil friends who know everything about you. 

For many Christian singles today, their wedding gowns had been deposited into the evil warehouse generations ago by their parents or ancestors.


Through the vehicle of one
all-inclusive family covenant!


If you are satisfied with your present situation you can shrug off this message. The Spirit of God will not force anybody to be free.  

But if you say enough is enough, God will say, “I agree.” 

Here’s where you need to pay even closer attention. 

Apart from the reasons I’ve mentioned, you can also be unconsciously helping the enemy to transfer your marital blessings into the evil warehouse. 

Once your marital virtues are in this warehouse... 

·         Instead of light, there will be darkness 

·         Instead of marital bliss, there will be loneliness and rejection 

·         Instead of respect, there will be dishonor 

·         Instead of love, there will be hatred... 


Many people write to me telling me the see lions, snakes, and all kinds of dangerous animals in the dream. These are the wasters in the spirit realm busy swallowing your marital virtues and sucking the milk and honey of your life. 

If you find yourself in this condition and you want to be free… really hunger to be free… you must first ensure you are genuinely born again… and then get on fire quickly!


In the next few years those who refuse to get on fire

and pray with aggression and violence will gradually

find their lives turning upside down


God put this material in your hands in order to destroy the roadblocks on the way to your marital breakthroughs. 

So hear this:

There is ONE time-tested method that will change things for you ... if you take action now.

And here it is:

The ONLY way to break free from the single life is to commit to a structured prayer plan that will help draw your godly spouse to you like a piece of iron to a magnet.

As fast as possible.

Remember: There is only ONE thing worse that the prospect of remaining single forever ... and it is this:

 A Bad Marriage Is An Express Ticket 
To Hell On Earth !

I have just announced this summer's edition of Prayer Marathon for Singles and those with troubled marriages...

If you know any Christian friend in your church or community who would be interested in this type of program, please forward this link below to them:

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God bless you! 

elisha goodman

PS:   Jesus once met a man at the Pool of Bethesda in John chapter 5. The man had been in a terrible situation for 38 years because he could not take action when the opportunity presented itself. You've now read this newsletter. All that remains is for you to ACT now while this is still in front of you.

But will you do it? Will you make the decision to make this summer more rewarding and satisfying or will you hit ‘back’ on the browser toolbar?

I hope you choose to join me, but whichever you choose, I sincerely wish you the very best.

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