Read on to discover how you can receive coaching and have your personal questions answered when you email me using my Members-Only confidential email coaching address... 

"Here’s The Step By Step Roadmap You’ve Been Waiting For...You’ve Heard The Results – Now You Can See Why The Prayer Academy Is Considered The Web's "Best Kept Secret" When Christians Online Need One-on-One Coaching Plus Prayers That Work ..."

    Not too long ago, I came back from the wedding of one of the participants in our just concluded Prayer Marathon for Singles.
     That one happened fast
  … just 7 days into the program. 
     It’s not the only wonderful result to happen to our subscribers recently but it certainly is near the top of the list. Here's another:

"Milk And Honey Is Back In My Marriage"

"I was introduced to your site by a friend in January 2009. The spirit of death was over my head, but today I sing Hallelujah. I have three of  books. When I read or fire a prayer bullet, it shoots directly to the target. The spirit of death was vomited in my dreams a week after my 21 day fast. I prayed for fruit of the womb for a lady who could not conceive in 4 years. A month later she is pregnant. She is so happy for an instant answer. My husband is now back home. He used to work very far from home, but now he is back with promotion. Milk and honey is back into our marriage. My dream life is as clear as crystal glass. Praise the Lord.

– Sibongile, South Africa

This next one happened recently  … wiping off a 27-year old nightmare. 


              Finally Married – After 27 Years!

“I got married to a man of God also using prayer materials for singles. The same man of God paid lobola for me and went to settle in marriage with another woman for 27 years. From the beginning they were not at all happy up till the time they separated. We are now husband and wife... I need to thank the Lord for sending us someone like Elisha Goodman.”

- Mashigo, South Africa


Naomi says this one is a shocker  … confounding the medics who had written her dad off.

My Dad Got Healed After the Doctors
Had Given Up On Him

"I must acknowledge the great role you have played in my life in teaching me to pray.  I am still continuing with the Prayer Academy and so far God has done mighty things for me and my family,  including healing my dad whom the doctors had given up on after being diagnosed with multiple diseases ( diabetes, kidney failure, high blood pressure)  They told my little sister that he had low chances of living. 

I sent my sister some prayer bullets from the Prayer of Caleb book and requested her to join me in praying at mid-night. After praying for the first night the following day he started talking, and was able to feed. We continued with the prayers and right now he is healed and discharged from hospital.  To God be the glory, the God who answers prayer.  I have learned the secret that THERE IS POWER IN PRAYERS. Once again thank you and may God keep you long to help many who are still in the dark.” 

- Naomi from Kenya


If you’re wondering what's going on here this,  then keep reading please ....

From: Elisha Goodman                                                                                                 Sunday 3:25 a.m.

Calvary Greetings...

When Christians online need urgent turnaround breakthroughs …
Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they need rapid promotion at work, PLUS double salary to go with it … Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they need a brand new home, in spite of bad credit … Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they desperately need to meet their godly spouse, after uncountable disappointments and years of rejection… Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they find their marriage or relationships have hit a brick wall and all hope seems lost… Holy Spirit leads them to this site

When they finally make up their mind about getting out of debt… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they have prayed for years for that one special person to be saved, to no avail… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When they feel discouraged, like God is far away from them, and all roads seem to lead NOWHERE, no matter what they try… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

When poor health or chronic sickness is slowly squeezing life out of them (or someone they know) and the doctors have practically given up on them… Holy Spirit leads them to this site. 

Only a few short weeks … or even days … later,  most of them have something like this to SAY:      

“Prayer Brings Family Restoration”

"What joy I have found in these prayers, what powerful revelations! You have really awakened my prayer life. During the prayer marathon I asked my brothers and sisters also to start doing the prayers with me even though we were in three different countries. As a result, my sister in Zimbabwe got back her accommodation where she had been thrown out like a dog. My brother was given back his job where he was sacked some years ago. Not only that, he is making plans to get married for the first time at 38yrs!. This is what I call a breakthrough. Praise the Lord."

- Simanga, U.K.


“Cleared All My Debts”

“Finally, I want to thank God that through your guidance the Lord has opened doors that I never imagined would ever be opened. The Lord blessed me with a new job on the 4th month of coming across your learning materials and by His grace diligently seeking and applying. I had all my debts cleared and have had some change to invest. May God continue to use you to help many more out of the mire we have lived in for years on end.”

Georgina, United Kingdom


“My Fiancée Refused to
   Get Married But Now…”

"I believe the Holy Spirit led me to you site last year so that I can learn how to fight. You might remember my desperate email last year. Where my fiancée did not want to go to church anymore and he refused to get married. Elisha since that time I have had great victories and battles but I have won them all.

We are now married he goes to church without question and last night bless the lord he gave his tithes for the first time in his life  Thank God!"

-        Sister K. J., Grenada



“She Signed the Contract
– It Happened So Fast”

"A month ago a lady called Mary walked up to me after church and asked me to pray with her because she had a job interview with UNDP on Tuesday of that week. She was a stranger to me. I asked her to fast and arranged to meet the next day in the evening to pray. We met the next evening i handed her the prayer points in the Prayer Cookbook: “27 Prayers That Bring You Success In Competition”. I asked her to pray at midnight and i also set aside midnight to pray with her.

Last week she called me and told me she had gotten the job and was called to sign the contract. It happened so fast. I give glory to God."

Esther, Uganda


“Certificate Restored First,
Permanent Job Next”

"I am so happy for what the Lord did in my life after praying with one of the prayer points you sent to me. It says 'Oh God send your angels to search the land of the dead and living and recover all my stolen blessings.'

I took a week off from work to pray this single prayer point. To my amazement four days after i started praying, by 1a.m a huge angel stood by me to take my certificate back which was devalued by a woman i gave it to for safe keeping 10 years ago. A week later i was called to collect my letter of employment as a permanent staff with 200% increase to my present salary in addition to so many benefits."

 -      Nanre, Nigeria


“The Lord Did It …
I Got Married”

"I have heard so much about this site. A close friend sent me your prayer points for single women.  I did pray regularly and guess what? The Lord did it. I got married on 7th June this year at a very lovely function and we give God all the glory. As a newly married lady, I’d like to dedicate my marriage to God and start praying for it… thanks and God bless you."

Irene, Zimbabwe


Can you now guess why Holy Spirit leads all these folks to this site? 

Prayer Bullets.

Meaning: Prayer Points that Work …PLUS
HOW and WHEN to pray them! 

Why is this crucially important for you? 

Because it is a known fact, a cardinal truth in the realm of the spirit, that: 

“There is NO spiritual problem that you cannot solve with the right prayer point.” 

Because if you are on my site reading this letter now, you did not get here by accident… Holy Spirit led you here...  


To show you the way out of YOUR problems!


... To HELP wipe away those secret tears that you cry when no one else is around. 


Literally, when you agree to follow my spiritual “prescription” … I give you prayer points that target and directly address your most challenging problems, plus HOW and WHEN to: 


 Use them for ANSWERS to manifest as FAST as possible!


The Results: An intimate spiritual walk with the LORD, finances released, poverty uprooted, spanking new homes, godly spouses, brand new cars, dramatic healings, new jobs, debts cancelled (as the testimonies prove). 

And much, much MORE. 

In the last few months since I got online to share my little-known “secrets” of prayer, I have received over 3000 documented testimonies like the ones here, plus countless others on the phone. 

What’s more, back when I was doing the PRAYER MARATHON sessions two years ago, it became clear to me that some form of hands-on mentoring and coaching was needed to get some folks over the top … 

And, praise the Lord, as soon as I added that ONE missing element, our success rate nearly went through the roof. Almost OVERNIGHT. 


Because even the most diligent, prayerful believer can hit a brick wall and become discouraged… praying, praying, believing God for a breakthrough. 

Sometimes, you’re just too close to the problem to realize that the answer to your prayers has already arrived. 


Through Dreams And Visions. 


Other times, you just plain need the help of someone equipped to “discern the times” and … 

Give you that ONE targeted prayer point … that will quicken or “push” your breakthrough into open manifestation. Like this: 


"Yesterday , I received my healing, my scalp was very itchy everyday, I had to scratch when I sleep or wake up or during the day and even when I am busy praying, it was like some insects are moving around my head.                  

On the 12 May , Elisha sent my husband the prayer points, and there was that one that says, if you ever felt something moving around in your body, (put your hand on your chest) and say: "Serpentine arrows programmed into my body, come out now and enter no more in the name of Jesus" I prayed that every time ... until  I felt the sensation and so scared and my scalp got cold, like something went out of my scalp and I felt very cool and peaceful. I went to sleep with that feeling until I woke up , I did not feel like itching or scratching my head today."

Zodwa, South Africa


This is why, when I recently held a 21-day PRAYER RIOT aimed at restoring divine health and youthfulness, all the coaching slots were taken immediately. 

Participants signed up from as far away as Russia… and represented a wide swath of Christians from many denominational backgrounds. 

It was so successful…
I created a real Book out of that event

And I’ve arranged for you to OWN this miracle printed version of the book I created (plus your choice of 4 other ebooks in one neat PACKAGE)… without risking a penny.


Here's what I have for you:

This is a completely unique package  ... the TAKE BACK package.


This package includes every SECRET I have in my own prayer library (collected over many years of working on the front lines of spiritual action... tested, proven and completely based on biblical principles.) 

This is the EXACT material I use every day to help people just like you receive their divine blessings ... and share testimonies.

It's also stunningly inexpensive... as you'll soon discover.

Here's what I've packed into the ALL-NEW
Breakthrough Essentials Toolkit" package that's waiting for you:


There are 9 essential, VERY critical items here... so make SURE you check each one out, to get the full taste of what you're in for...

Breakthrough Essential #1:  Just to be sure this material fits your specific, personal needs... the very first benefit you get is...

From Me.

When you've done the Prayer Academy Lessons, I insist that you send me your most important spiritual challenge --  anything that keeps you awake at night -- anything you need serious help with -- and I will give you the most intense, uncensored, customized analysis and advanced spiritual review you've ever experienced.


"Thank you for a worthy tutoring year ... you are the best spiritual coach I ever had and a great friend as well..." - Sisilia, Australia

This personal access is priceless.  And you cannot put a value on it... 

My advice isn't theory or guess-work, either.

My advice is based entirely on a very specific "gift" that enables me to come up with the right prayer point for almost every situation you can imagine...

     “I Asked For $6,000 In One Month”

"I used the prayer bullets for restoration of finances and asked for my lost blessings to be restored. I also followed Elisha's method of praying and asking God to breathe on my finances for me. I asked for $6000 in a month and all thanks to Jesus Christ 3 days before the end of the month,  I received a cheque for the amount of $6000 plus $250  which was owed to me by the bank and for 6 months was counted as non payable. This has increased my faith in Jesus and increased my passion for praying at the midnight hour using the prayer bullets. Praise the Lord!"

- Sister A, Dubai

And this personal attention is just for starters.

You also get...

Breakthrough Essential #2:  Besides my personal attention, you get a brand-spanking new copy of my book on wellness, divine health and youthfulness, "Prayer of Caleb"

This is the same step-by-step guidebook that is on the bookshelves of all our prayer eagles  worldwide.


        “Looking Slim and Younger"

"The Prayer of Caleb book has taught me that anything is possible when you are a child of God. Mountains can be moved. It is possible to be slim if you want to or be fat if you so wish, and be young. After using the prayers in the book, I was flooded with questions like, “what is happening, there is something you are hiding that makes you look very young, what is it?' Then I realized that the prayers have really started to work. Praise the Lord!"

- Violetta, Botswana

There are 3 Good Reasons why you need to at least have a LOOK at this particular book (I'll give you the first one here): 

First Good Reason…     If you are currently facing any health-related problem (or you know anyone who is) it is important for you to realize that today’s healthcare programs are NOT set up to cure you of most ailments completely.

Only JESUS has an abiding interest in
your total wellness and wholeness 


Those powerful "interests" behind the manufacture of some of the medication you take could be MORE interested in helping you “manage” your problems, instead of giving you an all-out, one-time cure. 

That way they hope to keep you a loyal customer till you go to the grave … while they grow fatter and richer at your expense!


Talk about modern day slavery ... to powerful drug companies! 


In this SLIM, result-focused book (it is just 91 pages), I explain step-by-step how you can APPLY scriptural secrets of divine health… to effect gradual and total restoration of your health, while renewing your YOUTH “like the eagle’s.”  


This is a critical message for you to hear...


In this book, you will also discover: 

…  how prayer points to SOLVE health-related  problems are created… 

… and SEE how you can customize and alter the prayer points to fix any other problems you will ever face.



             “Dad Was Sick But the Lord Made A Way”

My father has been sick for quite some time and the doctors claimed that he was diabetic last year December he was in a bad situation but that didn't stop me from doing my 27 minutes to midnight program.  I used my Prayer Cookbook and prayed the 38 prayers for those who have been given just a few months to live. God opened doors financially and friends came in with the money for us to take our father to India for a heart surgery. It was successful and he came back home fully recovered. God healed him completely. Praise the Lord.

-- Martha, Kenya


Simply following the principles behind the prayers the way I present them in this book will open your eyes to the exciting  process… 

So You Can Do It Yourself
Next Time!


         “Something I Never Thought Would Happen to Me”

"I never knew how to pray persistently until my mother introduced me to your website. Since then God has really been good to me. He has blessed me with a job. I have always been praying to find accommodation near my school and he has blessed me with that as well. As if its not enough, recently I attended an overnight meeting held by my local church, and as I was praying, I started applying some of your prayer points and the anointing was so great that suddenly I started speaking in tongues, something I never thought would happen to me."

- Carol, Zambia


But Wait.

We're not done yet.

You also get:

Breakthrough Essential #3:  The complete Dream CODE ebook with detailed meaning of 91 significant dreams PLUS 111 prayer points to take care of them. 

 Now, before any single disaster strikes, you will ALWAYS receive warnings in the dream, whether you realize it or not. And this warning goes out to everyone...

You'll discover:

  • The simple way to recognize dream warnings and how to stop ugly things before they have a chance to happen! 

    See living proof of how a dream warning saved the life of history's most infamous figure ... and how a dream ignored cost the life of America's most famous president.

  • How to recognize good and bad dreams and how to take action about them.

  • The 5 little-known dreams that opened the door to success, wealth and happiness.

  • The amazing little tool that makes it easy for you to understand your dreams (Hint: everyone is born equipped with this tool).

  • How you can use this simple tool to remember ALL your dreams and take timely action when you wake up!

It's like sitting down with me for an intense, private lesson on the meaning of 91 different dreams and the action you should take concerning them.  (Value of "Dream CODE" ebook: $37.)                   

Breakthrough Essential #4:  More than ever, it's critical that you have the fundamentals of divine abundance and provisions right. The ebook is entitled "Prayer DNA Secrets Vol. 1 & 2" and it gives you an amazingly simple roadmap to help you enter into financial blessings ... as FAST as possible.



“I am Now a Blessing to Others”

"I got to know about your website through a friend and I used to pray the prayers but at some point my motivation died and I felt like God was taking forever. My friends would laugh at me and wonder why I'd  been serving God but nothing good was coming my way. But thank God for his mercy and his grace.. I have been believing God for another job and He gave me this job with an international company that pays me a six figure salary, gave me a car and the allowances and benefits are just out of this world. Now I'm able to be a blessing to others. Praise the Lord."                        

-- Jean, Kenya


A $47 ebook, included with this package.                        


Breakthrough Essential #5: Why are some receiving multiple breakthroughs while others have nothing to show for it ? Yes, there is a HUGE reason why some people seem to be getting all the blessings, while others have been struggling for years without anything to show for it. It is simple to understand this once someone takes the time to explain it to you. And that's what I do in this original ebook  ... explain in everyday language so you can see it plainly and take action, if necessary.

That means you get the ebook 'Prayer Cookbook for Busy People" which comes with a  huge collection of prayer points, and a step by step explanation of how to handle them.

Value:  $39.95.  (But it is yours as part of this package.)        

Breakthrough Essential #6:  Just to make sure you understand every detail of how to  become debt-free in 2014... I have included this amazing  ebook complete with 101 prayer points, entitled "#1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt That Nobody Talks About.".  (Which sells for $29).

(But it is yours as part of this package.)        

Breakthrough Essential #7:  I will also send you the emergency special report "The Confidential Prayer Manual To Release Your Finances From Spiritual Vampires."... a checklist of almost everything that may be inhibiting financial blessings in your life right now... and what to do to get things back on track. 


This is a very special SPECIAL REPORT for you.

If you've ever wondered why you pay tithes and give offerings, yet the windows of heaven have remained tightly shut ... you need this 18-page manual.


“Just 3 Days into the Prayers…”

"My friend, Lorraine, introduced me to your prayer site in July and I started praying the “Special Report” prayer and after three days received some miraculous results. I was in a huge financial problem and just three days after praying this prayer the Lord directed me to my home loan account and I realized that I was paying an excess of R940 which has now become available as extra income into my monthly salary. I am truly grateful for the way the Lord is using you to help His people. Praise the Lord."

- Molly, S/Africa



This 18-page manual is NOT available for sale at any price. It's released EXCLUSIVELY for active users of Prayer Cookbook for Busy People and the Dream CODE ebooks (Value: $Priceless.)

Breakthrough Essential #8:  I will also send you MORE prayer points specially customized for any situation you may face in 2014 and beyond... AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE 7 LESSONS OF THE ACADEMY.  

This is, essentially, to help you STOP playing  "Spiritual Hide & Seek"... and go on to become the person you were created to be, as quickly as possible!  (Value: $Priceless.)

Breakthrough Essential #9: Ah, it just gets better and better.

You also get to ask me personal questions and get your answers in 2 minutes when you visit a HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL Preferred Members page that I recently set up ON CERTAIN DAYS OF THE WEEK. Here you get to use online chat sessions to quickly get a-hold of sincere (almost brutal), anointed spiritual advice on almost any challenge that jumps at you!


Here, Let Me Show You 
Some Of My Latest Statistics:


In the last few months alone, I received 174,160 emails from people who visited my website and had a question for me to help them with.

Because I realized there is no way I could possibly respond to them all, what I have done is to organize the questions into 6 categories ... and package my teachings in the form of ebooks, complete with testimony-producing, effective prayer points that have been PROVEN over many years to solve the most urgent issues you can think of .. HEAD ON!.

For instance:

  • Those whose marriages are under heavy attack have the ebook "Point By Point" ... it contains a step-by-step blueprint plus 101 prayer points to recover your marriage, no matter how bad things have become. (Please note that this one is NOT included in the package, it is part of the GOLD EDITION package).

  • For those who are neck-deep in debt ... the ebook is entitled, "The #1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt That Nobody Talks About."

  • For understanding your dreams and praying to manifest the good ones and cancel the bad and the ugly, it is the wildly popular "Cracking The DREAM CODE"

  • For RAPID financial breakthroughs  and tangible manifestation of miracles ... it is Prayer DNA Secrets. Volumes 1 & 2 have now been merged into one edition (the 2014 edition).

  • For the 2 foundational principles that (almost) guarantee answers to prayers that I teach ... you have "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People."

  • For Healing, Well-being and Youthfulness -- you have the just released PRINTED book,  "The Prayer of Caleb." 


So far, As much as 70% of the questions people ask have ALREADY been addressed in one or more of these ebooks ...


What's more, this approach appears to be very helpful to most of our subscribers.

They are loving it ... and inviting their friends and family as well.

PROOF: Another quick look in my database shows in the last 9 months..           

2876 subscribers invited 10,337 new members 
to join this site !


... and they leave messages like these for their friends and loved ones:

  • "Please endeavor to check out on this prayer website. It is inspirational and my prayer life is never the same again since I landed on it. Be blessed." -- Love, Emily

  • "Hi, I think this website is the answer to most problems. It teaches us how to pray. Please don't ignore it just try it look into it and read a few links. Please. I hope you get blessed." -- Bertha

  • "Please have a look at this treasure. It is full of anointing and good for your body, soul and spirit. Remain blessed," -- Eddy

  • "This is the best prayer website I've found for anything you might need." -- Emilie

  • "This prayer site has been a blessing to me. I know it will be a blessing to you as well. Please subscribe to it. God bless." -- Baaba

  • "Hey take a look at this prayer website. It will completely change your outlook on how you were praying in the past. Be blessed." -- Sharlene.

  • "This is an awesome site. I encourage everyone to take a look at it." -- Aqila



What do you think?


Everything (except Point By Point) I've just described is included in the special package called "2014 Breakthrough Essentials Toolkit". And you can even pick and choose!

This is the package you want... if you're finally serious about learning how those powerful men and women you hear about have  managed to make blessings, miracles and breakthroughs a daily occurrence in their lives... and their ministries!

The total value for this "bundle" of goodies is a  $199.               



But that's not YOUR price


Not by a long shot.


What I've arranged for you is a special "insider" price that should really make you smile ...

But before I even mention a price... let's make you understand how EASY this decision really is.

I will shoulder ALL the risk here.


If... after checking everything out for 3 entire months... you are unhappy with the materials  -- for ANY reason at all -- then I INSIST you return it. 

And your purchase price will be promptly refunded

That's a...

3-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee...
No Questions Asked.



That means... you essentially get to see and try out everything for FREE, if you choose.


And yes, it's definitely a financial risk for me to do this (because we incur so much costs using technology to share these materials daily).

However, this package is the real thing.  I have poured everything I know about effective prayer that works (and everything I know about manifesting divine blessings quickly) into it... and there are YEARS of results and the testimonials to prove it.

In my 9 years of teaching on the Internet, I have run into only 83 people who decided to return my ebooks for a refund (I was amused recently when one of them came back and bought every single book I have on offer because she received a huge breakthrough 2 weeks after!).  

Thousands and thousands are actively using these handbooks to release miracle after miracle into their lives... in 117 countries worldwide.

Because, again, this package may well contain the Crown Jewel of effective prayers. Praise the Living God, who has made this heavenly wisdom available to us, mere mortals.



"I am mailing you a money order this afternoon to cover the charges.  You can cash it as soon as you get it.  I never return anything I have gotten from you.  This is the best teachings I have received in my lifetime.  You are truly God sent... it is a true blessing to have you as a coach and I don't want to miss this opportunity." - Charlotte, Aurora


The choice is yours.

Check everything out, to your heart's content. 

Treat the package as your own, and dig in. 

See what kind of results you get.

And if you're not happy, simply return the materials for a fast, prompt refund.

It's that simple.

No questions asked.  You do NOT need to give me a reason for the return.  I will trust you to do the right thing, as I have trusted people over my entire career.  


 How Much Is All This
Going To Cost You?


Your price for the ALL - NEW "2014 Breakthrough Essentials Toolkit"... including everything I've described here, which retails for $199... is just $107.


And... you are completely covered with a 3-month 100% Money-Back Guarantee.




I'll pick up the the shipping and handling charges ( for the 91-page divine healing & wellness book "Prayer of Caleb."  Yes, that's right.  If you want all 9 Breakthrough Essentials today... I will pay to ship the book "Prayer of Caleb" to you.  Anywhere in the world.


You pay exactly $0 for shipping and handling.                                                                                        

"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
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The NEW 2014 Prayer Academy Right Now>>"

But Wait...


If you're not yet ready, or able, to invest in the entire "2014 Breakthrough Essentials Toolkit"... I understand.  But I do not want you to go away empty-handed.

So I've stripped down my recommended package... and produced one other "entry level" option you may find more kind to your wallet:

Option #2: "The Basic Toolkit" package.

This includes...

  • The "Prayer of Caleb" book, with all 201 prayer points ...

  • The emergency Special Report "Confidential Prayer Manual ... Against Spiritual Vampires" download (a must-read in these days of economic recession and severe job cuts) ...

  • The  full Dream CODE ebook complete with 91 Dreams and their Meanings, plus 111 prayer points to deal with them)...

  • Volume 1 & 2  of "Prayer DNA Secrets" ebook  with 659 dangerous  prayer bullets (starting from page  39).

A total value of $111

And it's yours, today, for just $79.


"Elisha, I want the NEW 2014 Basic Toolkit right now"



The package you want -- if you're truly ready to get moving as fast as possible -- is the big "2014 Breakthrough Essentials Toolkit" OR even the NEW PREMIUM KIT

And that's what I have for you.

Be An Overcomer,


     The Midnight Prayer Coach


"Yes, I Want To Order The 9-Piece Kit 
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The Next Prayer Academy Right Now>>"


P.S.  One last thing -- I almost forgot.

When you order the 2014 Breakthrough Essentials Package today and COMPLETE the 7 Lessons of the Prayer Academy starting on the 25th...

 I will send you a secret passcode that will allow you secure access into our Private Members-Only 24-Hour Prayer Blog where:

You will have other members praying for you on any issue 24 hours a day - after you complete the 7 lessons! PLEASE NOTE: Only after the 7 lessons.

All you have to do is login and post your prayer
requests and participate in the GOLDEN JOURNEY series.

Depending on your time zone you will log in and pray as

Then if you need other members and our prayer team
to jump in and agree with you in prayers, you simply
click on the “Prayer Request Forum”  and post
your request.

Immediately, trained prayer eagles from all over the world will
take up your request and begin to pray for you by NAME…

Every single hour of the day!

Hundreds of times a day!

If anyone receives any revelations or Word from the
LORD concerning your situation they will post it
there for you to see (everything is confidential).

If you look at the right hand column of the blog
(scroll down) you will see a map of the world
with red dots indicating where members praying
for you are located.

YES, the red dots will show you where our
undercover prayer warriors are firing their
bullets on your behalf …every hour.

Day and night!

Remember: You gain access to this after you 
                         complete the 7 lessons!

                         NO one who has not completed the
                         lessons will be allowed access.

  Please don't feel overwhelmed by the material I've made available for you.

There ARE lots of  written material here.

But it's NOT like cramming for a test at school This is FUN... because it's all aimed at helping you get your life together... and finally breaking the code on receiving divine blessings and becoming a blessing to others TOO.

MANY people report that they spent a single weekend going through the material... and by Monday, were ready to hit the ground running.

Remember: This is an amazing opportunity that can change EVERYTHING about your finances, health and relationships… and all you need to do is READ

You risk absolutely NOTHING by acting now.

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 Yes, Elisha, I'm ready to check everything out without risk. I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 90 day money-back guarantee, too -- that takes all the pressure off my decision. In fact, it allows me to see everything almost for free, if I choose.

Complete 9-Piece Kit                  ORDER 

1. Personal Mentoring. A personal one-on-one session by email
2. Book - Prayer of Caleb ... incl. 201 prayer points - ($47 value)
3. Special Report - "Spiritual Vampires" Special Report -
4. Ebook - "Dream CODE" complete with 111 prayer points
5. EBook - "Prayer DNA Secrets" complete with 659 prayers -- ($47 value)
6. EBook - "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People" -- ($39.95 value)
7. Ebook - #1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt (includes 101 prayer points)

8. Specially Customized Prayer Points - "As Needed " after the 7 lessons--
9. Online Chat Sessions- Tuesdays and Thursdays


The Basic Toolkit                                      ORDER 

1. Book - Prayer of Caleb ... incl. 201 prayer points - ($47 value)
2. Special Report - "Spiritual Vampires" Special Report -
3. Ebook - "Dream CODE" complete with 111 prayer points
4. EBook - "Prayer DNA Secrets" -- ($47 value)

NOTE: You receive the highlighted materials immediately after your payment is processed.

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P.P.P.S.    The hands-on Coaching / Mentoring comes ONLY with the Complete 9 Breakthrough Essentials Package and the PREMIUM Package. It is NOT available with the Entry Level  option.

P.P.P.P.S.   You also get the rare opportunity to:


Take the All-New 21-Day Challenge... For 2014 !

What does this mean?

If you've tried everything in the past ... without success ... I make you this rare proposition (after you've ordered the manuals and invested at least 1 week to study to digest the major principles I teach):

"Give me 21 days to take you through an intense, hands-on "21-Day Mini Prayer Marathon" customized just for you ... and let GOD do the rest!!!"





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