For Christian Singles ONLY: Fall 2011 Singles Prayer Marathon just announced...

     "Why MOST Prayers On This Issue Remain Unanswered" 

From: Elisha Goodman                                                 Sunday, 3:45 a.m.
To: My very special friends and ministry partners,

Calvary Greetings...

and a word about the upcoming Singles Prayer Marathon...

But first: What kind of testimonies do we expect to see on the Eagle Singles' Forum by the time the dust settles?

Here's just a taste ... from last year's program.

Patricia from Sweden says:




"After years of frustration, disappointment,
and rejection in relationships, holy spirit
lead me to your site and am blessed.
I prayed the singles prayer point you sent to me,
I just got married two weeks ago to a God fearing man.
I dedicated my marriage to God.  Glory be God."

- Patricia, Sweden



Here's another --




"I thank God the father, Son and Holy Spirit
for having connected me to you. Through a friend
I got to your website and life never remained the

After downloading the first prayer bullets
you give to the beginners, I practiced the midnight
hour prayer, did the Esther fast.

God blessed me with a husband -a pastor
in the church where I fellowship.

It was those targeted prayer points I used
and commanded the devil to loose my divine husband,
little did I know that I will get married
to a servant of God.

The Holy Spirit surprised me. Its now eight months
of joy in a holy marriage..."

-- Doreen, Uganda



Prayer not working for you yet?
Here's Why...


Reading through the blog posts and the confidential
emails from last year's singles prayer program
has brought a startling revelation:

So many Christian singles are doing their best but...
they are suffering from a peculiar problem.

And it is this:

Insufficient fire to win a decisive victory...

Now, you have to realize this one thing:

Our battle is not against flesh and blood.

Christian singles are up against wickedly
intelligent anti-marriage spirits who would never
yield any territory until ...

... they encounter superior firepower.

And how do you get that superior firepower?

Through the genuine baptism of the Holy Ghost
and FIRE...

PLUS practice, practice, practice

You only have to read through the Forum posts
to realize that the hands of many...

... like the thousands who responded
to Gideon's Call in the Bible, have not yet
been sufficiently trained for war.

And the issue of marriage is war... make no mistake about it.

                  Here's why I'm saying this...

For instance, you read in the Forum about
the sister who called down fire upon her attackers
in the dream, after her midnight prayer.

How did the enemy respond?

That creature quickly jumped into a pool of water
and the fire was quenched!

Here's the interesting part --

The way this prayer warrior sister responded
should be an object lesson to us all.

She began to call on another level of fire --
the type that Elijah called down at Mount Carmel

(You know, that's the kind of fire that is able
to consume everything, including water).

And she had her breakthrough!

Breaking out of deep levels of captivity,
especially if someone had been covenanted
in an evil marriage in the spirit realm
(with or without her knowledge)...

... requires the genuine baptism of fire.

Nothing else will do.

It's no use sitting around to complain
about how many years you've been praying
for a godly spouse.

... without anything to show for it.

Your prayers quite possibly lack the fire
that can shake down generational strongholds...

AND set the captives free.

Thankfully, the LORD has not left us
in darkness at all.


For The NEXT Singles Prayer Marathon
Starting Next Week...


Shortly, we will not be moving on to the FIRST
week's prayers for the members of the Eagle
Singles' Forum.

Unlike last year's program, we will be doing
things a bit differently this time around.

For instance, we will NOT stop the program
until I "see and hear" the sound of victory
in the spirit for 70% of the participants.

Please make sure you are not left behind.

One important warning though...

If you will be joining us, you must make up your
mind to really pray according to instruction.

Because if I notice anyone who is
not VERY serious with the prayers,

I may disable his/her account and ban them
from the Eagle Singles site for the rest of the year...

... so others can take their place (because
we have a limited number of spots to fill)


This is the time to press on to victory -- so you
too can share your testimony this year.

Be An Overcomer!


P.S: Many Christians still struggling with failed relationships would
      have been happily married by now if only they had taken
      the time to learn how to pray directed prayers on target.

***  Here's what our 2011 program looks like ***

This time we have incorporated 3 modules of the stronghold-shattering prayers of the Prayer Academy ...

... for the benefit of those who have not yet passed through the gruelling 12 weeks of the Prayer Academy.

Week 1 - Internal/external spiritual
Week 2 - Prayer Academy Lesson 1
Week 3 - Prayer Academy Lesson 3
Week 4 - Prayer Academy Lesson 3 Repeat - (there's a HUGE reason for this repetition)
Week 5 - Prayer Academy Lesson 5
Week 6 - Prayer Academy Lesson 7
Week 7 - Singles Prayers 1
Week 8 - Singles Prayers 2
Week 9 - Singles Prayers 3
Week 10 - Rising Tide

After this 10-week program, the monthly ESF teaching and prayers  will resume.

P.P.S: How to join...

GROUP 1 -  If you are a Standard members of Singles site:

You account must first be upgraded from standard to GOLD here:

NOTE: you have to scroll to the bottom of the page
and click on [Buy Now] button for your account to
be upgraded. Click below:

GROUP 2 - If you've NEVER received Prayer Academy training

Even if you already have access into the Eagle Singles Community site, you need to have passed through the Academy so you will understand how to fire the prayer bullets during the program.

If NOT, then it is doubtful that you will get much results out of this program.

Here's the link to sign up and at the same time acquire all the materials of BOTH the Academy and the Singles programs:


One thing I can assure you  by the Spirit of the LORD.

If you can go through the first 10 weeks of this program successfully, you should be ready to share testimonies before the end of this year...


If you have any questions at all, please shoot me an email at





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