Starter Prayer

Please Read the WARNING Note First



Dear Participant, 

Welcome to the NEXT session of the Prayer Academy.

Now, before we get into the Starter Prayers, I'd like to alert you to what could turn out to be very relevant piece of information.

To get any results from this program, you will need to follow the instructions. I have noticed that some people REFUSE to take the instructions seriously.

That's a pity. Because everything in the kingdom of God is tied to your obedience.

For instance, I have mentioned right from the Invitation Letter that you could only share the materials with members of your immediate family (meaning spouse and children).

There is a deep spiritual reason behind this ... yet a few people choose to disregard this restriction. Some even go ahead to post the materials on the Internet, or forward them to hundreds of their friends.

And they are surprised when they receive NO answers to their prayers.

What's even worse, all they succeed in doing is open the door of their lives for the enemy to fight them harder!

Now, I do not want you to be ignorant.

Before we go into the Starter Prayers (which are prayers you MUST pray before the official start of the Academy on the 25th) ... let me share an email I received on April 6, 2011 from someone in Nairobi, Kenya:


How A Thief Is Caught In the Spirit Realm

Praise God Elisha,

Thank you for the good work you are doing for God. After 27 Minutes to Midnight 2011 edition, God blessed me with a good Job and I reported on 1st March 2011. I have always desired to join the prayer academy since when i came across your site in Nov 2009 after the Holy Spirit led me there when i was looking for interpretations to many dreams I was having.


Having  stayed childless for 9 years, suffering rejection from in-laws and having sunk into deep financial mess as I moved from one doctor to the other-even tried test tube babies thanks to funds from bank loans in vain, I yearned for the Academy.


I was to order the ebooks end of march with my first salary but on 17th March. My friend from Rwanda (I introduced her to your website early Jan this year) sent me a mail with Academy lesson 1-7, Prayer DNA, Prayer Cookbook for Busy People and the Dream Code. I immediately hit the road with this material. The lesson one to address the altars revealed massive revelations of the problems that have been following me from the place where I was born.


BUT Elisha,on 31st march, when I got to lesson 3, before I could start, I had a terrifying vision.


In the vision, the Holy Spirit took me to your ministry offices. I saw you seated with another man talking. I went to a desk that looked like a receptionist table. The lady gave me a form and asked for my names, where I come from and the code that I used as I ordered the ebooks. I tried to guess the code in vain. When I looked up I saw u were all looking at me. I felt so ashamed in the vision that I was illegally using materials that were meant for another group.


A voice in the vision said that I am a thief, that what I was doing was not right before God and I should repent, then follow the right procedure for God to truly manifest through the materials I was reading. I woke up terrified. I called my friend from Rwanda and told her what I had seen.  That's why I had to order the materials first and I have also advised them to use the right procedure.


Am now waiting to be enrolled in the Academy, to and start all over again. With the breakthrough I experienced in lesson one with the stolen material, I cant wait to kick off.  Elisha, I know that God wants to bless me this season, thats why HE rebuked me early enough and caused me to follow the right path to my GREAT DESTINY!

Lady Di, Nairobi, Kenya 

Do you want the LORD to really manifest in your situation during this program... and beyond?

I hope you are not one of those to take spiritual instructions lightly.

A word, they say, is enough for the wise...


Now We Can Begin...

"Why Some Are Receiving Multiple Breakthroughs...
While Others Have Nothing To Show For It"


There is a HUGE reason why some people seem to be getting all the blessings, while others have been struggling for years without anything to show for it.

It is simple to understand this once someone takes the time to explain it to you. And that's what I am going to do here ... explain in everyday language so you can see it plainly and take action, if necessary.

But first to 2 testimony ... from the Starter Prayers.


"I've Been Waiting For This Day 
-- For Over 22 Years!"

Testimony #1: June 2013

GOD is good, I thank the coach Elisha who by the power of God has showed me how to pray.

My son stayed for almost two years without a job after graduation. That is when I decided to join Prayer Academy. just after receiving Starter Prayer program I used the prayer points and broke the ungodly covenants that may be in the family from past.

Two days after fasting and praying my son called and  told me that he was recalled on an interview he did two months ago. GOD is wonderful, my son got that job in a  multinational corporation and he had to move and work in Europe.  GLORY BE TO GOD. Thank you again elisha for being ready to be used by GOD for showing me to become an overcomer."

-- Janet, Tanzania

Testimony #2: Circa 2008

"All Praise and Glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I participated in the Prayer Academy, which my cousin Reena David had registered me for. I also did the Esther Fast twice. in the 1st week of the Prayer Academy itself, I got an excellent job offer and I was shortlisted, but did not hear anything from the company for over 8 weeks. 

I kept on with the prayers and at the beginning of this month, they offered me the job which pays me over 50% more than my current job with better responsibilities and a job suited to my education and skills. This would not have been possible without your amazing powerful prayers. I have been waiting for this day for over 22 years, but have not been able to get a better job and was just stuck to my current job. 

Thank you Brother Elisha. May Our Good Lord shower his abundant blessings on you and may you continue to be a blessing and a beacon of Light to those who still wander in darkness.
With deepest of gratitude. I am now never going to give up on the prayers but will remain an active participant in all your prayer academies and am praying to God that he gives me some role to serve and be a part of your ministry."
- Janet, India.


There's More ... this one goes deep, deep.


"Holy Spirit Has Opened 
My Spiritual Ears And Eyes"

"Hi Elisha,
I am still carrying on with the prayer course. I started in May 2008, but I have been going step by step and making sure that I followed the course. Yes! a lot of things have happened in my life. Great miracles and blessings. I had to keep going back over lessons which I had not kept up with. However, God is so faithful, he was there all the time. Attacks! is not the word. Physical manifestations, but your prayer points kept me going. Oh! by the way the Holy spirit is a great teacher. I knew I could finish the course in the prosed time you indicated, but God has other plans.
The Holy spirit has open my spiritual ears and eyes to the word of God. It is not just about reading the bible ,but really meditating on Gods words day and night. I won't go into all the great things God has done for me and my family .  I am finally on the last few days of the 21 prayers .I will update you as soon as I have finished. God is good. I cant really believe it that I am going to be an intercessor.
Elisha,  I have experienced the power of God so greatly, that I am no longer afraid of my life. I now know it not asking God  what is the purpose of my life?, but what is the will of God . God has it all laid out, and the only God can reveal it to you , is when he is ready.
I started this course with my own objectives, but God turn me  around and I am learning every day its not about me , but God purposes.
What should have taken 10 weeks took over 5 months. But I have learned, listen fast, pray cried out to God and he heard my prayers. In your course you stated not  to  pray for everything at the same time . I tried going at the paste, then in your notes you stated don't continue until you have completed each lessons. 
I wanted God to show and speak to me and not depend on any great man of  God. I had to form a relationship with God.  I wasn't going to complete this course and say that nothing happened. I told God that he called me and he has changed my life and he is in control. I had to learn to be subjected to the Spirit, listen to God when he speaks and because I want everything now I had to learn to be patient. Faith! I have finally learned the spiritually meaning . 

Saying the scriptures is not enough, you have to take action. God ask all of us what's in your hand. Elisha I have the word of God in my hand . Every day of every minute, I can seek God and no one can disturb me only if I but them before God. I have learned to pray at last.
Your course has open my eyes to the Almighty God. Fear God is the beginning of knowledge. I have just started being a student of the bible. You really do have to read God's words and meditate on them. Fasting! I tried and tried again and again. One day God just took me through from 1 day 3  days 7 days then 40 days. I still cant believe it. I thought I would died on the 1 day  fast. But as  I  progress with the course, the spirit of God took over. I will never be the same again. I am not looking for answers from anyone, but God.
 There is so much information about and so many people who think they have the answers . I have learned to now take everything to God in prayer.
I am so grateful for your course. It really has laid the foundation and it has advanced my spiritual life to a level where I never knew that God would take my sorrow and turn it into joy. I am learning to be an overcomer."
God Bless
- Jenny, England


  Now what accounts for the fact that some Christians pray ... and blessings fall on them like rain, while others pray the same prayers and it just seems like God is not hearing them?

Or for the fact that some  find that it takes a lot of struggles, prayers, fasting, tears, frustration ... and a long, long time before they can "taste" even one little success?

The answer could be summed up in just one 10-letter word:


Foundation !


Now before you go off thinking you know all about this, just bear with me for 10 minutes and read this through ... it will change the way you look at things, guaranteed!

What is a foundation?

Foundation is a structure on which something rests. It is a platform which is designed to carry and sustain the weight of an object or thing. Every human-based operation and manifestation must have a foundation.

In spiritual terms, a foundation is the platform on which one's life rests. It is a platform prepared for you by your ancestors. It is your hereditary root. It is also the bedrock upon which the structure of your life rests.

Last month, a colleague of mine at work was advised to undergo an invasive surgical operation.

By her doctor.


Because her brother had recently passed away. As a result of cancer. Her mom had died from the same thing.

So she asked her doctor: "How can I avoid this and also ensure that my kids will not have to face this problem?'

"Change your ancestry, if possible," came the reply.

From a highly reputable physician using the latest medical technology in one of the most advanced nations of the world.

Do you understand what he was trying to say here?

Plain and simple, it is this:


Many medical problems can be traced through generational  lines back to your fore parents who lived long ago!


This is even more valid when it comes to spiritual things.


What are the facts about spiritual foundation?

1  Foundations are vital in every area of life.

2  The strength and height of every structure is pre-determined by
    its foundation

3  Every thing you engage in has a foundation.

4  No one is exempted from the implications of one's foundation,
    even if they are not aware of what happened in times past.

5  There is a power relationship between one's foundation and
    his/her success in life.

6  One cannot climb higher than the strength of the foundation
    carrying her.

7  One's foundation is the major reason why some succeed
     and some fail.


Now, if the foundation of your life has been
 built on godly principles --


Running through  a few generations of godly parents -- you may find life to be just smooth sailing, most of the time.

See the life of Solomon in the Bible ...

It is clear from the scripture that the foundation can be destroyed (Psalm 11:3).

 When that happens, the result is an evil or corrupted foundation ... and this is the #1 problem many people including born again Christians are struggling with, and wondering why certain things are happening to them.


What is an evil foundation?


1  It is the foundation that brings disappointments.

2  It produces failure at the edge of breakthroughs.

3  It recycles horrible problems from one generation to another.

4  It transmits negative carryover of problems from
    year to year.

5  It has no respect for positive confessions

6  It puts every member of the family under collective captivity

7  It writes "failure", "disgrace", "shame" upon people's marriages
    in the spirit with invisible ink.

8  It opens the dream life to serious attacks

9  It diverts, kills or drives away those that God has sent to help you!

10 It vows never to allow the person to prosper.

(Please note that some churches also have evil foundations, especially if they were founded to make money. It would be next to impossible to be blessed there, no matter how much seed you plant! Even if it appears a person is being blessed there, it is only temporary -- the evil foundation will soon sweep it away.)


38 signs that can alert you to the fact that
there is an evil foundation in place


1   Inability to receive baptism of the Holy Spirit.

2   General backwardness and lack of progress.

3   Working hard but having nothing to show for it.

4   Sicknesses that defy medical diagnosis.

5   Unexplainable marital turbulence

6   Chain of broken marriages in the family

7   Difficulty in making spiritual progress

8   Abject poverty and/or debt burden

9   Constant failure at the edge of breakthroughs

10  Collective family captivity i.e. members of the family suffer from
      the same problems.

11  Falling sick after seeing oneself in strange places in the dream

12  Being born/raised by non-Christian or occult parents

13  Those who are being monitored by satan or his agents

14  Those who are hated for no reason (they have a mark of hatred on their
       foreheads in the spirit).

15  Those struggling with addictions (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, pornography).

16  Those whose blessings are usually diverted to others, and they usually
       arrive after all the goodies have been shared (think Esau).

17  Those who suffer innocently as a result of being impersonated in the

18  Those who do not have any tangible testimony year in and year out.

19  Those who are suffering as a consequence of violent attacks in the dream.

20  Those suffering from delayed marriage.

21  Those who desire to have children but the enemy has shut their wombs.

22  Those who have unstable homes (spouses running off with strange men
      or women)

23  Those who hear strange voices and see strange things

24  People who are always falling sick

25  Those who have at one time or the other consulted fortune tellers,
      mediums, astrologers, or visited ungodly places of worship.

26  Those who have worshipped or are still worshipping false gods

27  Those who live in a demonic environment or polluted houses.

28  Those who have been cursed by their parents, even playfully.

29  Those who have evil properties in their homes after being saved e.g.
      pornographic materials, occult objects, etc.

30  Those who have brilliant ideas but cannot apply them.

31  Those whose promotion never comes naturally or easily (always
      takes a huge struggle.)

32  Those whose benefactors always get discouraged or are under attack.

33  Those who find it difficult to sustain their blessings.

34  Those who find it difficult to stay married to one partner.

35  Those who are good starters but never finish well.

36  Those who can never focus on anything long enough to achieve success.

37  Those who allow opportunities to slip away as a result of procrastination.

38  Those who have a deeply entrenched fear of the unknown.


How do you deal with evil foundation?


1   Carry out spiritual detective work on your background. You can obtain
      information from  parents, grandparents, and other family members who
      know the history of the past. You can also obtain information by observing
      the trend of things around you. You can ask the  Holy Spirit.

Here's what you need to find out:

- the identity of your parents, at least to the 3rd and 4th generation

- the names they bear

- their character

- their occupations

- their commonest activities

- how long did they live

- how did they die

- what did they worship

- how did they give names to their children

- do they have family shrines or altars

- who are the priests serving at those altars

- what covenants did they enter on behalf of the family

- what curses are operating in the family

- what litigations

- what sanctions were placed on the family

- what patterns or trends are evident in the family

- any pattern of mental problems

- any pattern of disabilities

- what marks were made on the kids and why

- any other question the Holy Spirit prompts you to ask

2   Ask for forgiveness from the LORD

3   Renounce any ancestral contract. Meaning withdraw your allegiance and
     and connection to pledges, vows, commitments, promises made by you
     or your ancestors to anything outside God.

4   Break every ungodly covenant through prayer and fasting

5   Deal with ungodly altars in your family

6   Rededicate yourself, your family and property back to God

7   Pray hard and aggressively to recover all that you have lost

8   Barricade your life ... by adopting a lifestyle of holiness, prayer
     and fasting

(Please note: You will be praying close to 1000 prayer points when the Prayer Academy takes off. Those  "deadly" prayer bullets will effectively deal with items 3 - 8 above, so get yourself ready)


Consider This As A Quiet Period
Before Prayer Academy Starts

Please use these prayers below to deal with your foundation -- even before we begin. I am allowing you this week to use this for prayer practice. Many people have received powerful breakthroughs from using these starter / foundational prayers. 

Please use them to learn the art and science of the midnight prayer. Use them to practice how to pray with aggression and holy violence. Don't just read the prayers I send to you -- that will NOT do any good. 

As you study the materials you ordered, please use prayer arrows below:


33 Prayer Bullets to Deal With Hidden
Foundational Problems


Confession: Gal 3:13

Start with praise and worship

1  O Lord, let the foothold of the enemy in my life be destroyed completely in the name of Jesus

2  Let the blood of Jesus erase all the legal grounds that the enemy has against my life in Jesus'  name

3  I close all the doors open to the enemies in my life, with the blood of Jesus

4  Let any evil concrete constructed by the enemy to stop good seeds from
     germinating  in my life, be broken down completely in the name of Jesus

5  Every foundation constructed by the enemy in my life, be destroyed
     completely in the  name of Jesus

6  I command all the words contrary to God's word spoken against me to fall
    dead to the  ground and bear no fruit, in the name of Jesus.

7  I bind every strongman in my life and I clear my goods from their possession In Jesus' name.

8  You strongman of body destruction, be bound in the name of Jesus

9  You strongman of mind destruction, be bound in the name of Jesus.

10 You strongman of financial destruction, be bound in the name of Jesus

11 You strongman of marriage destruction, be bound in the name of Jesus

12 Every battle waged against me in the kingdom of darkness, receive defeat
     in the name of Jesus.

13 Distributors of spiritual poison, swallow your poison in the name of Jesus

14 All the forces of Egypt in my life, rise up against each other in the name of

15 O Lord, let the joy of the enemy over my life be turned to sorrow in Jesus'

16 Any satanic army organized against my life, receive the judgment of God in the name of Jesus.

17 Every evil power source from my place of birth, be destroyed completely in the name of Jesus.

18 I block every evil access to my life in the name of Jesus.

19 Every problem that came into my life by personal invitation, depart now in the name of Jesus.

20 Any problem that has entered my life through my parents, depart now in the name of Jesus.

21 Any problem that has entered my life as a result of attacks by satanic agents, depart now in the name of Jesus.

22 All my trapped blessings, be released immediately in the name of Jesus.

23 Any power that wants to renew affliction in my life, be bound in the name of Jesus.

24 All my blessings that have been locked up, be unlocked now in the name of

25 Every evil agreement working against my life, be consumed by the fire of
     God in the name of Jesus.

26 Anything strengthening problems in my life, I command you to loose your
     power in the name of Jesus.

27 O Lord, let the power of environmental witchcraft be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

28 O Lord, let the power of household witchcraft be destroyed in the name
     of Jesus.

29 O Lord, let the power of workplace witchcraft be broken in the name of Jesus.

30 I rebuke every spirit working against the soundness of my mind in the name of Jesus.

31 Shadow of death, flee away from me; heavenly light, shine on me, in Jesus'

32 O Lord, let evil arrows fired into my marriage go back to where they came
      from in Jesus' name.

33 O God of promotion, promote me beyond my wildest dreams this month in
      Jesus'   name.

Thank the LORD for answering your prayers!!!



Be An Overcomer!

Elisha Goodman
818 Newport Crescent
Windsor, ON N9E 4Z5


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