She refused
to be discouraged... 

even after I did not respond promptly!

Dear Overcomer In Christ:

Please listen carefully... many people get angry at me when I fail to respond to their emails promptly (even when they know that I have tens of thousands of people sending me emails every month).

Not so this wonderful sister.

When she sent an email back in April and did not hear from me immediately, what did she do?

She trusted the LORD and jumped right back into the prayers (she's a already Prayer Academy graduate).

And how did the LORD who sent me respond?

See for yourself ...

(Now, let's start from her first desperate email back in April).



“I Desperately Need Help!"


My finances are in a mess. From 26th- 28th March I did Esther fasting and did the steps in the Praying Out of Debt and I used scriptures in 1 Kings 4. In the process I heard the spirit leading us to sell our car to clear the debt of about USD 3,000, We put the car in the newspaper and surprisingly, a lot of people phoned us wanting to buy it but no one has taken any serious step to buy it and our debt is intact.

Elisha, where could I have missed it? Please, help me. I am ready for any action that will help us out.

-- Cecilia W, Malawi


Well, at the time I had exactly 21,312 unopened emails in that particular inbox (the smallest of 4 inboxes)! It was simply impossible to attend to them all.

Here's where it gets interesting. I want you to see this email she sent today, August 5th.

Please pay special attention to the last paragraph (highlighted):


I hope you catch a revelation here...



“Celebration Time!"


Even if it is after a while before you responded to my request, I still say thank you. My thank you is from your reply as well as from all that I have learnt from you. I am just no longer the same. Since that time when I last send you that message, I continued praying and so many beautiful things have happened. Number one thing is to let you know that that debt has been cleared and we are just celebrating God. Just list of things that have happened:

1. Around April end, my close friend was running a grocery shop and she knew that I wanted a business. She gave her whole business to me so that it is mine and I should pay her the cost of goods at cost price on monthly instalments. She said she did not have enough time to run it herself. I could not believe it and the business is doing very well. God totally surprised me and I m still praising Him to day. He turned my captivity and I'm like in a dream.

2. On 3rd July I was sent on a short course to the US by my organisation and I was given around US$4000 for my personal use. Isn't God great. 3 day fasting has become my hobby now and I do it towards the end of each month and I have seen the faithfulness of God . I have also printed the 7 ways to stay financially afloat and has sealed it on my bed side and I follow the list every month.

3. I remember once telling you about my husband who was receiving little salary and was not being promoted since 2003. In May we did a 3 day fasting together and did mid night prayers together for 7 days. God has done it again. My husband has been promoted in July 09 and is now getting 5 times his previous salary and so many other official benefits. Its true we are like a people in a dream and our heart are filled with laughter. Glory be God.

These are just a few of the things I'm doing. I'm so close to God and I love every moment of it. I did not know reading the word of God can be so exciting and I always look forward to a time when I will be in His presence again.

Elisha, May God richly Bless you.

Cecilia, Malawi






One word you must NOT miss...


Please listen...

The LORD sent me to encourage His people to pray. I try the best I can to do the job HE has assigned to me. But I'm only human. There are times I'd love to sit down to respond to emails all day and all night ... but then I can't.

One thing I can  do is ask the ONE who sees all to prove Himself to those willing to follow the instructions.

Cecilia's case is not an isolated incident.

Here's another one that came in recently from the Netherlands (she practically begged me to post it immediately -- for the benefit of all our readers):


“He Now Calls Me Honey!"

Dear Elisha,

Praise God ! I know that you have been so busy coz you have not answered any of my mails that I have been sending you the last 2 months... no problem. I have received most of the answers through your weekly prayer emails.

I give GOD the Glory because my husband got a new job and is getting double his salary !. Indeed we serve Jehovah Jireh our provider. I thought I'd send this mail to you so that all the faithful will know that God will do what He says He will do. No one should give up. The prayer points you give especially in the Single marathon that I am also participating in PLUS the Prayer COOKBOOK are powerful.

I have been using the 40 prayer points to attract anything that I need . During prayers I include all my loved ones ( family members ) . God has answered me. My marriage has been restored. My husband is sweet as ever. He even calls me HONEY a word he has not used for the last 3 years. I am celebrating ! Indeed Milk and Honey is flowing in my marriage.

May God bless you and your family. You are such a blessing and inspiration to many people.

God bless you

-- Carole K, Netherlands


I don't want you to miss the word "Celebration" in these two emails.

Did you see it?

You know, the first email is from Southern Africa while the second email is from Europe.

And both of them are talking of celebration.

What does that tell you?

The LORD GOD who commissioned this work has called for a celebration on this site ... for the rest of the year... for all those who are faithfully following instructions, in spite of circumstances around them.

Listen (in the spirit) and you too will be able to hear the sound of celebration in the days ahead...


If you faint not!


Be An Overcomer!

elisha goodman

P.S.               On a final note today:

We are entering the final stretch to recover our blessings from the storehouse of the enemy before the year runs out.

At the Prayer Academy, we are firing on all cylinders and we are not taking the foot off the gas:

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