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"The #1 Warfare Raging In The Spiritual Realm Right Now Is Targeted Against Marriages And Relationships"

As I glanced in my rear-view mirror, I could see the huge red fire truck
bearing down on me... lights flashing aggressively.

Hastily, I made it out of the way just in time.

But then something odd struck me... the sirens were not blaring. There wasn't an emergency.

What was going on?

Then I looked closely. And what did I see?

A lovely young girl with hair like burnished gold... maybe 19 or 21, dressed
in sparkling white bridal garment... along with a sharply dressed, smiling young man.

Holding hands together and standing in the back of the open-air truck, they were waving and smiling at the crowd. 

Whoa! This young couple newly married just hired a fire truck for the evening drive around town!

"Just Got Married After 4 Months!"

Dear Elisha,

Thank God after joining prayers for singles I entered into a relationship and guess what? After 4 months I got married and last week was my bridal shower. Praise the Lord.

- Sister Laiza, U.K

I joined the crowd and waved back. The spectacle just brightened the whole place and drew smiles of joy from the face of everyone.

At that moment it dawned on me what a precious joyful thing marriage was designed to be.

This was 6:15pm Thursday evening.

               Another Time, Another Place...  

Different set of people. 

By 7 am Sunday morning in church I was jolted back to hard cold reality...
like someone poured a bucket of ice-cold water on me. 

It happened when I innocently asked a brother how his family was doing ...
"She's gone... walked out on me with the kids," came the sad reply. 

" m... mean..." I stammered trying to contain my shock. 

Not these ones. They always seemed so happy... always smiling. 

"She just said she felt like she was in prison or something. Packed up
with our 2 kids and left for Arizona," he said sighing wearily. 

Then a thought struck me.

"I'm so sorry to hear that." I began. 

"That's okay, thanks," he said. 

"Excuse me for asking there any pattern like this in your family... or hers?" 

"Not mine," he said gently but firmly, "in her family no one stays married for long." 


Before that week was over I had heard of 5 more similar cases. 

What could be going wrong? 

Shocking Revelations ...

In our ministry years back we did a grounded spiritual research into collapsing marriages and up came certain shocking revelations.

Some of them were not pretty. 

In fact, the enemy starts with one of the oldest and most successful strategies in the book - confusion of tongues.

For students of the Bible, this lethal weapon was first used by God Himself against the builders of the tower of Babel in Genesis 11.

It is such a weapon of mass destruction that it can create suspicion, misunderstanding,  confusion and disintegration in a marriage... in no time at all.

What happens is the husband and wife begin to disagree on practically everything... no one listens to the other and before long communication breaks down... then the enemy unleashes other MORE dangerous weapons.

So we had to learn very quickly how to adapt the prayer of the psalmist like this:

"O Lord, divide the tongues of all those targeting my marriage for destruction." - see Ps 55:9.

In these marriages, We also uncovered an evil pattern of:

* breakup or divorce either in the husband's family or on the wife's side or both.

* marital problems transferred from one generation to another... using such vehicles as unbroken curses and hidden covenants.

* hidden spiritual marriages in place.

* invisible marks of hatred placed on the husband or wife. This makes one repulsive to the other and vice versa - after only a few months of marriage.

* warning signals ignored or simply not understood. Sometimes these warnings came through dreams. etc.

This One Had A Happy Ending But ...

To give you an example,
once we found a man who was deeply in love with his wife - for 6 months.

Then all of a sudden he couldn't stand the sight of her. No one could think of anything wrong that she had done.

Eventually he walked out on her.

She went for counselling... no solution.

Her friends took her to all kinds of "prophets" and pastors. She even went to see 5 different therapists, 2 psychics and even an hypnotist.

Nothing worked.

She went into prayer asking God for another husband.

No response. Her heaven was like brass.

As she put it she had desperately prayed to God to send her that special someone with whom she could glorify and give Him praise... no answer.

In fact all she seemed to be getting turned out to be nothing but "wolves in sheep's clothing."

She gave up... not knowing how to navigate the tricky minefield of finding a sincere, God fearing man to share her love with.

Then the Lord had mercy on her.

One day, a friend at work invited her to an unforgettable Friday night prayer meeting we used to hold in those days.
It was hot and wild ... no-holds-barred kind of intense praying, the type we do during our Prayer Marathon events.

As soon as I called one strange prayer point, one prayer eagle noticed a spiritual mark on this sister's forehead... a tiny star-shaped symbol that was not visible to the naked eye.

We stopped the prayers and raised this singular prayer point just for her:

"Blood of Jesus, wipe off all handwriting of hatred and rejection from my life in the name of Jesus."

We prayed it 3 aggressive times, until we received an assurance from the LORD that the mission had been accomplished. We thanked the LORD for the answer and moved right on to the next prayer bullet.

                        What Was The Result of That Prayer?

That same weekend the husband called for the very first time since the break-up. But we didn't rest on our oars. 12 more sessions of customized prayers (with fasting) followed ...and hubby came home, full of apologies!

Praise the LORD.

These things are a reality in the lives of many believers even today. Just this week I received this email from a new subscriber to our websites:


Secret of Invisible Marks

Dear Elisha,

My friend told me about the emails you send to her everyday but I did not take interest since nowadays we have so many preachers but I still feel empty. So this time she opened the link and she sent me the page on Dream codes the one I read was about sex in dream something that has happened to me which I really did not know how to get out of that captivity.When I prayed against that I felt free so I started to enquire more and that’s when she sent me the passion prayer of Jesus.

I have been praying about my marriage problem (I have a four year old son and wonder whether I will find someone to accept me) since it dawned to me it was abnormal that every man I get we go for three months then off he goes and marries another.

I have seen many visions ever since I came to know about you most important where one I wore a chain made of a leaf like shape thing colour pupple and green extension and last night I saw something on my forehead an inch silver rectangular in shape thing. Praying against them Elisha is where I need support. But all in all am so happy I came to know about you  and I love you so much  you are such a blessing in my life.

- Sister F

 Here's a question for you:

Can you confidently say that the enemy has not placed an invisible mark of rejection upon your life?

What do you think is responsible for the strife-torn marriages and relationships that we hear about every day?

                  101 Prayer Bullets... RELOADED

I did some digging around. And found this sequence of prayer points I wrote a few years back as an instructional manual for couples facing stubborn generational marital problems.

It contained 101 of the most potent prayers we've ever prayed on this issue  of marriage and relationships.

I've revised it, added fresh material... more teeth, more bite, hard working prayer sequence to hit straight at the root of the matter and continue working long after everyone has forgotten about them.

There are some explanatory notes and scriptures.  Plus specific instructions on when and how to pray them aright.

And this is now included in the GOLD Edition of the Prayer Academy ... because many people have been writing and saying they are interested... in solving their marital problems using time-tested, PROVEN biblical principles.

For deep spiritual reasons I cannot go into here, full access into the GOLD Academy site is severely restricted.

Please listen carefully...

Do you happen to know anyone whose marriage is not all it could be, maybe a friend or even a relative?

* Or the marriage is on the verge of falling apart?
* Or has broken down already?
* Or tell-tale signs of wear and tear are beginning to show?
* Or any couple just trying to bullet-proof their marriage against satanic storms?

Please do them a favour... point them to this page below (where they can order the Edition of the Prayer Manual and sign up for the 10 weeks Marriage Restoration prayer sessions):

YES, I Want to JOIN The Marriage Restoration Prayers


There is ONE  set of prayer bullets in there that they must have in their spiritual arsenal... as soon as possible.


* Because it is a fresh, new prayer SEQUENCE that's targeted at restoring marriages and relationships as we approach the end of the year ... and is already producing breakthrough testimonies as you read this.

* Because the #1 warfare going on in the spiritual realm right now is targeted against marriage and family... and they will discover how to win this war using biblical principles that have been largely forgotten.

In order NOT to become a casualty in this raging battle I advise everyone who "stumbles" on this information, especially Christian sisters whose marriages are under attack to learn these prayers of:

* housecleaning
* restoration
* prevention

I personally pray this type of prayers myself because I'm interested in enjoying my marriage and family to the fullest.

Just as God has planned it... no way am I going to settle for less.

And if you - like me - happen to be interested in overflowing joy, honey and happiness in marriage, no matter what your situation is right now, simply point your browser to the page below and click for more information:

YES, I Want to JOIN The Marriage Restoration Prayers

Be An Overcomer!



P.S.  One last thing -- I almost forgot.

            If you allow the enemy to steal the joy of your marriage and family,   no amount of financial blessings
            and worldly achievement can quite fill 
the gaping hole... in the heart.

YES, I Want to JOIN The Marriage Restoration Prayers

P.P.S.  Another thing -- 

            If you are separated or divorced (or you have a loved one who is), then you need to get to the root of
            the issue (and deal with the problem once and for all) so you don't make the same mistake twice

            A few hours after sending out this alert, I received these 2 emails:


“You have inspired me today to continue praying for my marriage to be restored as I realise it can be possible to handle both. I had decided to give up on it and just serve the LORD as prayers for its restoration seemed not to work and I thought maybe God wants me to choose spirituality and ignore marriage!" - Sister F


“I just got an email from you inviting us for a 10 weeks programme on marriage restoration. I ran off with another man because I had lost interest in my marriage. This man happened to be my pastor. Now after joining the Prayer Academy and having read your materials I got back to my senses and I want my marriage back. When looking back at my family history my mother left her husband and went off with another man…”  - Sister X

          While waiting for the program to start, these sisters should immediately begin to pray like this:

" Every satanic authority in my family line,
       scatter and scatter in the name of Jesus

          Finally, on a happier note, Cynthia just sent in this one --

Nov 26, 2012

"Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus. This year has been a wonderful year. I just want to give a testimony of what God has done. My family from either side has never had any female paid lobola for and stay married. This will happen, get a child and the next thing the marriage has ended. But I give God the glory, I had lobola paid for me and I even went further to have a white wedding which was so blessed. I went through prayer and fasting using some of your bullet prayer points and all my prayers were answered. I give God the Glory, Amen."

- Sister Cynthia, Zimbabwe

          For more details, join us at:

The Marriage Restoration Prayer Room



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