"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that a man discovered hidden in a field. In his excitement, he hid it again and sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field." - Matt.13:44 (NLT)

   Beyond TAKE BACK:
How to retain (keep) your blessings
through 2015 and beyond


"I received two answered prayers
on the same day - within a few days
they were both aborted"

In October 2013 two of my university friends told me about the Elisha Goodman midnight prayers.  

I started doing the ones for jobs as I had been left high and dry after I was offered employment then resigned from my existing job, only to have the offer pulled from under my feet after I left the current position.

Within a matter of weeks I received two job offers, one which was very financially rewarding (more than double the salary of the other).  

On the same day as receiving the news of the much more preferred job I also received the news from my real estate agent that my property (which had been unlet for over a year) was coming off the market because they now had bagged a signed contract and a tenant eager to move in.  

Of course I was overwhelmed and thankful to the Almighty God.  That Sunday I gave a big testimony in church; which I am sure encouraged many.

Within a few days, I received an email from the agents saying the tenant did not move in because of issues with the person that was supposed to act as guarantor for him and I was also told that the credit check done for the job came back negative but the manager wanted me to still work there so they were going to appeal.  

After the appeal I waited for weeks for the outcome only to be emailed saying the decision could not be reversed.

I really do not think that it is a coincidence that both these good news came on the same day and then they were both cancelled.

- Name Withheld


        From: Elisha Goodman                                               Friday 3:25 AM 

        Calvary greetings … 

        As we prepared to storm the gates of 2015 at the beginning of this program, I explained that you needed to go before the LORD and explain to Him why you're going on this prayer-fasting journey.

        I gave the scripture in Isa 41:21:

“Present your case,” says the Lord. “Set forth your arguments,”  
says the King of Jacob.

        Some made a list.

        Starting with the most pressing challenges they faced.

        We'll now take a look at your Top 3 desires on that list.

How to Obtain Your Top 3 Desires
in 2015 … And Keep Them

(From Being Swallowed
By Spiritual Vampires)

        First, we step backwards in order to go forward...

        It was this time two years ago that I first mentioned it.

        At that time we used it as a Case Study on how to deal with never-ending problems ...
the type that has its roots buried deep, out of sight, in one's foundation.

        I told the story of Mike (not his real name), who had trouble passing his professional exams ... and laid out the step-by-step prayer plan he used to finally achieve victory.

        The post was so revealing that within 24 hours people were hitting the site from over 100 countries at the same time

        Unfortunately the server crashed under the heavy load. Working feverishly throughout the night, we had to hastily create a new blog and move everything to a different service provider.

        All within 24 hours.

        Now there was something remarkable about that story. Last year I shared the entire story in the Amazon Kindle bestseller,

   Prayer: The Hammer That Nails The Word of God Into Your Spirit (Vol. 1) 

        For those who have not read the book, here's a short version of the story:



Spiritual Drama Begins

6 p.m. one Tuesday evening, I got a curious email from an "active" reader of my “ebullet” prayer newsletter (for the purpose of this story let's just call him Mike).

He was having great difficulty passing some professional exam. Now, Mike is really a brilliant guy and before this course, had never failed any other exam in his entire life.

Not this time... he'd already failed this crucial exam twice. And he was terribly distressed.

I suggested for him to take on Step 3 Prayers starting from page 48 of Prayer Cookbook for Busy People, Esther-style.

For those who are not familiar with this, it is really a simple, step-by-step prayer that you pray for 3 days, with fasting.

It is not so easy to pray though (because it comes with a peculiar type of fasting, described in the Bible book of Esther).

But it produces tangible results.

Much to my surprise, Mike reported that nothing happened during this exercise... he couldn't even remember having any tell-tale dreams!

Then he went for the exam  for the third time... and failed again.

This was so strange…

Puzzled, I called him up and we began to talk. While talking to him, he casually mentioned that though he did not remember having any dreams during the prayer sessions, his wife and daughter had the same dream one night.

In the dream, some fierce-looking people dressed as soldiers came into his home, armed with what looked like machine guns, and started spraying everywhere with bullets.

While the wife ran out into the streets, the daughter tried to hide in the closet. But one of the attackers laughed and said in her native language that he knew where she was.

So she ran back to her room, in time to see one of the invaders removing a golden-yellow box that she kept under her bed. Inside that box were her valuables, including her bank cards and jewellery.

All this time, she was wondering where Mike, her dad, was. She thought it odd that he was nowhere to be found.

That was the hidden clue.

Mike, though very brilliant, was being pursued and robbed by invisible pirates from his ancestral lineage and he didn't even know it. His entire family was suffering untold losses and hardship as a result of this covert bombardment from the pit of hell.

This was the real issue behind his chronic failure at the edge of success...

This got me really mad and...

I went to open my prayer closet and bring out "The Blueprint" which is really a sequence of deadly effective prayers to neutralize the kind of  "invisible" attacks like the one Mike faced.

The way this is applied is that you go into an Esther-Style fast... and this time you pray for 1 hour every 6 hours. For 3 days.

Here's how Mike did it:


Fri 12 midnight - Step 3 Prayers (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 6am:              Repeat Step 3 (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 12 noon:         Repeat Step 3 (from Prayer Cookbook)

Fri 6pm:              53 foundation- sanitizing prayers

Sat midnight:      42 prayers to shut down evil surveillance

Sat 6am:              35 prayers points to break ancestral yokes

Sat 12 noon:        40 prayers to clear his miracle "pipeline"

Sat 6pm:              40 prayers to "open" the heavens over his head

Sun midnight:     37 prayer bullets to recover stolen virtues

Sun 6am:               25 prayers to neutralize satanic backlash

Sun 12 noon:       33 prayers to safeguard the blessings

End: Sunday 3pm:  End session with praise worship/thanksgiving

To summarize:

Fasting days – 3
Total prayer time - 12 hours
Total # of prayer points – 305

What was the result?

Wait for this...

When Mike slept Sunday night, he had company.

Divine company.

Two huge angels appeared in his dream. They took him to a secret location he had never seen before.

There an evil-looking creature was sitting on a throne (what the Bible calls a strongman), surrounded by fierce, heavily-armed human bodyguards.

With a fiery sword, one of the angels executed the creature and his aides and buried them while Mike watched! A third angel appeared suddenly, grabbed a small golden-yellow box from under the evil throne and handed it to Mike, with a key.

Then he (the angel) helped him escape from there.

Tangible results in the real world…

Two weeks later, Mike went back for the final time to sit for the exams.

It was a total walk-over... and he passed with flying colors.

(NOTE: These prayers are not available at this time  - please do NOT write asking for them, I will let you know when they become available).

Praise the Lord!

See what I mean by changing your manner of prayer?

Mike found out it was not that hard once he had a clear roadmap on what to do. He made up his mind to go through it... he was simply sick and tired of failure.

All the prayer bullets had already been created under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and put in a particular sequence for him. All he needed was to forgo a few meals and some hours of sleep… and cry out to the LORD as instructed.

And he achieved a spectacular victory that spilled over into other areas of his life. Within weeks of this power encounter --

- love and peace returned to his home
- his chronic ulcers disappeared
- he even received a long-delayed promotion  at work!

What was his alternative?

But for the fact that the LORD had mercy on him and showed to his wife and daughter the real cause of his problems, he would have continued down the rabbit hole of failure, stagnation and disgrace.

And he would probably have concluded that God does not answer his prayers.

Culled from:
Prayer: The Hammer that Nails the Word of God Into Your Spirit Vol.1


        There are 2 things I deliberately left out of the story.

        First thing is...

The prayer sequence described above has NEVER
been released to the public ... until the Sapphire program

        In the past two years even my closest associates have asked, begged and pleaded with me to give them Mike's prayer sequence.

        I had to patiently explain to them that the LORD has not released me to share ... just yet.

        It is the same with most deep revelations in the spirit. There is a need to be sensitive to the divine time-table.

        If you share things prematurely, you could get in a lot of trouble.

        On the other hand when there is a release in the spirit, then it will go forth and accomplish extraordinary things.

        Good news is ... I now have a release to share them for 2015.

        But not with everyone.

        Before I explain how this sequence is going to be released, let's look at the second thing.


How to keep your blessings
(without losing them)

        Since we began to storm the gate of 2015, the LORD has poured out so many blessings.

        Believers are beginning to taste some of them already... I mean my inbox is daily being flooded with testimonies of new jobs, restored marriages, wedding proposals, etc.

        Many others are seeing dramatic visions of what is heading their way from the storehouses of heaven.

        Matter of fact, the scale of what's being released in the spirit realm right now is so HUGE that many are simply dazed.

        One prayer eagle was shown a gold mine and told it belonged to her (in a vision). But in real life she has next to nothing. She's living from hand to mouth...

        ... while her treasures have been diverted to satanic warehouses in the spirit.

        No wonder the scripture says:

There is an evil that I have seen under the sun, as it were an error proceeding from the ruler: folly is set in many high places, and the rich sit in a low place. I have seen slaves on horses, and princes walking on the ground like slaves. - Eccles. 10:5-7

        Remember: This is our year of TAKE BACK 2.

        The story of Mike you saw a while ago did not end there.

        Within that year he also had a really major financial breakthrough that allowed him to quit his job and set up a thriving business, doing something he really loves.

        Now get this...

        When that major breakthrough was heading his way, I alerted him by the Word of the LORD about two things:

        #1: He was NOT to tell anyone about it even after the miracle was securely in his hands.

        In fact he was to wait 30 days before telling a single soul about it. Thankfully he understood and listened to the voice of the word of the Lord.

        #2: During the 30-day wait there was a specific sequence of prayers for him and his family.

        He had to take them for only 15 minutes (no fasting this time) in order to keep the spiritual vampires away, while pulling his blessings to rapid physical manifestation.

        Why did Mike have to wait for 30 days?

        And not 10 days? 15 days? 21 days?

        I must admit that spiritual things sometimes do not make sense. In fact they are not logical at all. 

        That’s why the Bible says in 1 Cor. 1: 27-28: 

“But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are…”

        Back to the present.

        For the first time this year, we're about to release that 15-minute-a-day prayer sequence in a new program entitled:



        A while ago I noticed someone who had angrily left our website years ago. After roaming around without much success, she came back to sign up for one of the entry-level programs.

        I was curious. So I asked her what she's missing.

        Her answer was eye-opening:

"I Need A Blueprint To Follow”   

"I've received so many powerful prophecies, gone through so many deliverance sessions everywhere, claimed so many promises, prayed so many prayers from tons of churches and websites, etc. that my head is spinning, but I'm still not making much progress.

Listening to too many "prophets" and receiving too much conflicting advice, especially on the Internet, can be paralyzing. I need a blueprint, put together by someone with a divine mandate to share the secrets of the kingdom ... a blueprint / roadmap to follow that clearly outlines the exact steps to take, in the right order. I have no doubt you are that someone..."
Name Withheld

        Many believers receive blessings everyday.

        As most ministers of the gospel know, it is fairly easy to prophesy a blessing on someone (and actually have it come to pass).

        The problem is ... getting people to keep the blessings.

        And retain them over the long haul.

        Without losing them.

        The new program is called:


Sapphire Edition -
15 Minutes to Permanent Blessings in 2015

    The Scriptural foundation of this one-of-its-kind program is in Exodus chapter 24:

And they saw the God of Israel. There was under his feet as it were a pavement of sapphire stone, like the very heaven for clearness. - - Exodus 24:10

        In the manuscript, which you will receive before the program begins in a few weeks, I will explain clearly the 3 phases of prayer that I personally cycle through whenever I need to receive (almost) immediate answers from the Lord.

        Just 3 simple things.

        Then comes the answer.

        The SAPPHIRE program will kick off very shortly.

        For those who missed the first session (last year) you now have another opportunity.

        Registration for the first (and maybe last) session for 2015 begins now.

        It consists of 3 critical parts

        Now this core sequence will look very simple when you hear it but it has been responsible for more dramatic breakthroughs worldwide than any other principle in history.

        Each part will take you just 5 minutes ... for a total of 15 minutes a day.

        Unlike the DIAMOND Edition, there is very little fasting involved (surprise,

        Save for the first 3 days and the last 3 days, you will NOT be required to fast at all

        But there is a catch:

        Only those who have already passed through the Diamond Edition will be allowed to participate.

        That's the first thing.

        There is yet a second thing... and we will come to that shortly.


What Does This Mean For You?


         If you have NOT at any point participated in the DIAMOND Edition (please note that this is not the same as the Prayer Academy) ...

         Please DO NOT PROCEED.

         Please DO NOT PROCEED.

         Please DO NOT PROCEED.

         Please DO NOT PROCEED.




         Are you currently in the Diamond Edition program or have you completed the Diamond Edition in the past, and you envision great breakthroughs for 2015 and beyond? 

·         Do you fully expect the Lord to grant your desires (the ones you listed at the beginning of the TAKE BACK prayers)?

·         Do you expect to receive the blessings, and retain/keep them for the long haul?

·         Are you willing to submit to the Holy Spirit so He can direct your ways?

·         Can you spare 15 minutes a day ... for 30 days?

        Then …


The First (And Maybe The Last)
SAPPHIRE 2015 Edition Is For You


        You and I may never have met.

        I may not know where you live. Or what you do. Or the challenges you face.

       But the fact that you engaged in the Diamond Edition tells me something (not everyone can endure the rigour of that program).

       You want to be close to the Lord - Matt 6:33.

       You want to succeed and live a life of victory and dominion as all through 2015 and beyond.

       You want to be able to call upon Him and see Him answer while you are still speaking. You want His divine intervention in your life and your family daily.

       You want to honour Him, fellowship with His Spirit, and let your life demonstrate the truth that all power belongs to God.

       Ultimately you want to be used as a vessel of honour in His Kingdom.

       But if you only listen to the way the gospel is presented today (with little or no prayer), odds are you’re on a hiding to nothing, as my British friends would say (meaning to be in a situation where it is impossible to succeed).

       The LORD has given us the SAPPHIRE program to help awaken something in your spiritual DNA.

       And that something includes anointing, strength, power, and courage for victory and dominion in every area of your life.

       Through this program, the Holy Spirit will carry you on His back to permanent success, if you let Him.


Insuring Your Permanent Victory
Throughout 2015


      In addition to the Mike's prayer sequence I described, we'll be adding MORE to the mix:

      After you sign up for the SAPPHIRE program, you will receive an email with the Prayer Hammer ebook attached.

It Is Important To Read This Part...

        But the Special Report with the 30-day prayers will NOT be made available until a few days to the program.

       The reason is simple:

       I do NOT want anyone to lose focus, or start praying from that manuscript before the new program formally begins.

       We will do the prayers corporately in order to unleash the maximum anointing and power for unstoppable exploits.

       I hope this is clear.

       Let me say this again:

      Unlike the Diamond Edition, the SAPPHIRE program is not hard and rigorous.

      It merely requires 15 minutes a day of your time.

      The 30 days of this program will help you create a success routine like nothing else could.

      The Holy Spirit will be here as your guide to allow you to enjoy maximum, enduring success.

      NOTE that signing up is NOT free, but there is a substantial discount…

What Does It Cost to Sign Up?


      The cost of this program is $67 USD or Canadian.

      This new program track begins on the 1st of the coming month.

       Registration is open - you can now sign up by clicking on the blue link at the bottom of this page.

      After clicking on the link, you will be taken to a Confidential Members' Signup Page (only accessible to those who have done the Diamond Edition please).

      Within 48 hours of signing up, you will receive ONE pdf document in your inbox.

      It is the ebook version of my Kindle book, previously only available on Amazon.com,  entitled: 

  Prayer: The Hammer That Nails
The Word of God Into Your Spirit (Vol. 1)

      It will prep you for what's coming ahead.

      One last thing…


Why Do You Have to Pay to Join?

        All our operations are funded 100 percent from the sale of our books on our websites. We are NOT a non-profit organization.

       Unlike other ministries both online and offline, we do not solicit for donations, gifts, tithes or offerings.

       The very few people who send in tithes and offerings do so AFTER the Holy Spirit convicts them in their heart to do it (and they get mightily blessed should they choose to obey).

       So it is a matter between them and the LORD.

       We made a decision from the very beginning to invest in current technology platforms that would enable us to reach out to as many people as possible with the message the Lord has given us to share ...

       ... without becoming a burden, or putting pressure, on anyone.

       Should we ever stop selling these books (God forbid) we may just have to shut down all our websites and look for other avenues to share the message.

       Recently we upgraded our systems and moved the programs to a new, friendly system for easier access.

       This system is billed as one of the best … easy-to-use, fast and friendly user experience, with great support.

       But there is only ONE problem.

       Each time we send out an email broadcast we have to pay a certain fee (in US dollars) , based on the volume of our emails.

       During this program, we’ll be sending quite a number of daily emails to each of you. The charges add up very quickly when you include things like 24/7 telephone support and all the rest.

       And since we do not depend on gifts and offerings to operate, we have no option but to charge a discounted fee to help defray the cost of running off this new platform.

Obviously Many of Our Subscribers Agree...

For instance, Mike O sent this email while I was putting finishing touches to this page:


"I Am Not Going To Miss Out”   

I was introduced to Firesprings through the end of year prayer program of 2010 by a sister.

Many pleasant things happened in my life. I desired same experience for a sister so I introduced her to Prayer Academy and paid for the kit.

Note: I knew she could afford the kit but my gesture was meant to encourage her and to emphasise my trust in the prayer coach Elisha (undoubtedly ordained by the Lord Jesus).

I suspect that among many other obstacles the devil may have deployed against her, getting the material for free was a major part of the reasons why she could not complete the Prayer Academy.

I urge all prospective Prayer Academy candidates to have the attitude of the proverbial man who saw gold in a piece of land and for the joy of it went to sell all he had to purchase the land and became the bona fide owner of all the gold of the land.

He that has eye to see let him see the gold hidden in the prayer toolkit of the Prayer Academy.

Praying with prayer points and getting results is good. Doing the Prayer Academy is better and following up with the Prayer Escalator is best. Perfect is the Lord God Almighty!

I am not going to miss out of any program offered here on the Firesprings website in Jesus’ name!.

- Mike O, Ghana  


       Here's how I look at it (your perspective might be different and that's OK) --

       As I write this Apple is launching the iPhone 6. I know many people who cannot wait to get their hands on this latest gizmo.

       But here's the thing...

       If you consider the well-being of your spiritual life more important than all those  latest smartphones / iPads, fancy dresses, shoes, etc. that most people spend their money on these days….

       …. And if you are finally ready to leap into the realm of unspeakable breakthroughs while the year is still young, please click on the link below to sign up now:  

YES, Please Sign Me Up Now


       Remain An Overcomer!


P.S.   Many of those who joined the Prayer Academy a few years ago report that the printed book, "Prayer of Caleb" never got to them. Thousands were returned undelivered due to incorrect addresses sent to us.

Many copies got lost within the local post offices of certain countries. Someone even spotted a box full of the the books at an airport in China -- she suspects they were somehow diverted there!

Let me make you a super-generous FREE offer:

If you did NOT receive your copy of the book, then send me an email AFTER signing up for this program.

Subject line of your email should be: I SIGNED UP - PLEASE RESEND THE BOOK.

Then just make sure to type your correct and complete address, and it should be the exact address that you have been using to receive mails from abroad.

Then expect the book within 3 weeks.

Please note the subject line: I SIGNED UP - PLEASE RESEND THE BOOK.

Use it to avoid delays.